Tourney Report 21/07/13

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs.???, Prophecy - XOO
Game 1: I drew 3 Maxx "C" and cancered myself
Game 2: Naturia Beast wins Prophecies
Game 3: Shien + Deck Lockdown + Imperial Iron Wall wins games

Match 2: Vs. DSummon, Karakuri Dragon Ruler - OXX
Game 1: Deck Lockdown too good
Game 2: Bureido x2 and then Felgrand wtf
Game 3: 4 Colors and I have nothing to stop

Match 3: Vs. William, Dragon Ruler - OXO
Game 1: Deck Lockdown + Shien + Enishi
Game 2: Hand was shitty so I just conceded
Game 3: Catastor and Kizan and a timely drawed Enishi

Match 4: Vs. Colin, Prophecy - XX
The game were not played by me!

Top 4: Vs. William, Dragon Ruler -XOO
Meet him again revenging for killing me recently!
Game 1: Lockdown him for 2 turns and then cowboy him, but he veilered, and then its all over since my Lockdown effect disappeared
Game 2: Naturia Beast Enishi and stuffs if I rmbed correctly.
Game 3: He made 2 dracossack with 3 tokens, super reju-ed twice drawing total of 8 cards, during my turn I pasted 2 dojo special summon Elder, normal summon Kagemusha, Special summon Kizan, attack all of the tokens. Then during Main Phase 2, I send my dojo to special summon Hand of the Six Samurai, tributed elder for its effect, he chain veiler, then I chain Kagemusha's effect to move veiler's effect to Kagemusha itself. After that I synchro Kagemusha and Hand into Shien and then send my last dojo for Enishi and bounced Dragossack and then set my Iron Wall for the final cancer, few turns later he died.

Finals: Vs. Sam, Prophecy - XOX
Game 1: He started first so I died
Game 2: Deck Lockdown + Shien so he auto conceded
Game 3: I managed to make a Shien field but he drew into secrets fate and life, he secrets and I negated it and then life for Maiden removing Jowgen and then fate my Shien, and power on his maiden, so I just died from that crazy amout of advantage.

Conclusion: 2nd... Sad, Lost to my best matchup, but it's ok, CANCER RULESS!!! Actually the difference was only 5 bucks store credits lol... Decklist below:

Maxx "C", Deck Lockdown, Imperial Iron Wall
Main deck these is to beat the 2 best decks now though fighting Prophecy is already a good matchup for this deck.

Armades, Keeper of Illusions
To fight cards that will activate during battle phase such as Maidens.

Evolzar Dolkka & DNA Surgery
To fight Prophecy's Spellbook Magician, Priestess and also, Jowgen, all of these uses effects and I had DNA against them.

Fiendish Chain
To fight against Spellbook Magician and stuffs mainly.

That's all for today... The main reason why I play this deck was because the 2 best decks are so boring now, so I wanna find something to cause cancer to people, either myself or my opponents. lolol.


I'd play Vanity's Emptiness and Macro Cosmos instead of Iron Wall and Maxx "C"

Full cancer


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