Making Prophecy Extra Deck Alive

It's a little too late to post this, most of the WCQs ended, Judgment Day (Banlist) is like 2 more months, but there are still local tournaments around us that we can use these combos. Well, the easiest way in playing prophecies is to control with Kycoo, Jowgen making opponent despair. Most of the Prophecy players around my area felt that in the whole extra deck, the only card needed is only Shining Elf and the rest are hardly ever being used (Kycoo Jowgen on field > anything else). As you all know, almost all OCG Prophecies are now Blue-Eyes Prophecy because Maiden is a very violent monster which totally boost the Prophecy's damage bursting. Thus, today I shall talk about making use of Prophecies extra deck and Maiden to OTK (Exclusive to OCG only)! 

1. Maiden + Spellbook Magician + Kycoo
Maiden Targetted = Blue Eyes White Dragon(3000)
Maiden + Kycoo = T.G Hyper Librarian(2400)
Spellbook of Life remove Kycoo for Maiden, Synchro with Spellbook Magician = Scrap Archfiend(2700)
Total: 3000 + 2400 + 2700 = 8100

2. Same field as 1
Maiden activates, opponent Veiler
Maiden + Kycoo = T.G Hyper Librarian
Spellbook of Life Maiden removing Kycoo
Maiden + Spellbook Magician = Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Spellbook of Power on Librarian
Total: 3400 + 5500 = 8900

3. Maiden + Kycoo in Grave + Spellbook Magician in Hand
Summon Spellbook Magician
Life Maiden removing Kycoo
Target Maiden with a spell/trap = Special Summon Blue Eyes (3000)
Maiden + Spellbook Magician = Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Total: 3000 + 5100

4. Spellbook Magician x2 + Maiden on field
Target Maiden = Blue Eyes (3000)
Spellbook Magician + Maiden = Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk
Life Maiden Removing Spellbook Magician, xyz with Hazehawk = Leviair
Leviair effect = Spellbook Magician
Xyz both Spellbook Magician = Daigusto Phoenix
Phoenix effect => Leviair (1800 x2)
Total: 3000 + 1800 + 1800 + 1500 = 8100

That's all for today! Leaving an empty field against prophecy might not be that safe anymore! :P


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