WCQ Singapore & Malaysia Report + Decklist

Since I was seeded for the last mini qualifiers, the game itself started with top 16 instead

Deck Used: Dragon Ruler
Top 16: Vs. Darius, Blue-Eyes Prophecy, -XO
He had a game loss due to a wrong card in decklist. So he started the game first with Spellbook Magicians and stuffs which I do not have droll & lock and died. Then 3rd game I had droll & lock and I made Jewel Flare Dragon - Stardust + Dragossack.

Top 8: Vs. William, Dragon Ruler - XOX
Game 1: He started the game with LADD and 7 cards from Super reju.
Game 2: I controlled his moves with Maxx "C" and then virus him next turn
Game 3: I cleared his LADD with Crimson Blader, and then forgot to count his life which was currently at 6k. He set a S/T (which I felt was something that can only stop 1 single attack) and ended and during my turn, my hand was a blaster, grave was blaster, tidal and redox and a few dragons. I would have banished either tidal or redox and search for a stream or reactan to normal summon instead of making dragossack which ate Book of Moon.

And so I died due to forgetting to count his life during the 3rd game lol.

Decklist was the exact same as what SG Best Deckbuilder - Bahamut84 from DuelingDays used, in fact both of us and another friend were using the exact same decklist. And this build not only helped me topped for locals for a few months but also helped me won 3rd place in thailand ACS and the mini qualifiers. So I don't feel there's a need for any changes. Also, it's not because of this build being shitty that causes me to lose, it was my carelessness for not counting the life points for the last game. So that's all for SG WCQ report. Next is Msia WCQ report

Went to Malaysia with my group of friends to find cards and also, trying to help my friend Alex.

Deck Used: Blue-Eyes Prophecy
Day 1 build

7 Round Swiss cut to top 32

Match 1: Vs. Hieratics - OO
Match 2: Vs. Prophecy - OO
Match 3: Vs. Prophecy - OO
Match 4: Vs. Prophecy (XM) - didnt fight, roll dice to decide winner and I lost
Match 5: Vs. Prophecy - OO
Match 6: Vs. Karakuri Dragon Ruler (DSummon) - didnt fight, roll dice to decide winner and I lost
Match 7: Vs. Dragon Ruler - I let my opponent win since I can confirm 4 wins will go up

The deck is what a usual prophecy had, just that I had an extra breaker in my main deck because it was day 1, I have very high chance to meet any random decks like Fire Fist and Evilswarm and I do not wanna die to them during game 1 so I decided to move 1 from sides to main. That's all for day 1.

Day 2 build

Top 32 + 32 seeded players, Single Elimination

Top 64: Vs. Dragon Ruler (K'yde Ren), OXO
Top 32: Vs. Prophecy, OO
- And then alex died, and there's no more purpose in this tournament for me since the prize is not that good too (Extra pack 4 and Gold series 2012 WTF?!)
Top 16: Vs. Dragon Ruler (Wesley), OXO but I let him win instead since he wanted to help Shamir

So yes, I mained Imperial Iron Wall, sounds cancerous right? Its a good card that helps delay dragons and mirror matches. 

Vs. Dragon players - Give opponent choice, blaster destroy it and then eat Spellbook of Fate or just leave it there and lock themselves. And then slowly with 2 star hall, farm till monsters on my field are beatdown monsters.
Vs. Prophecy - with no access to fate, I can just farm with double starhall and then beat down them in mid game. There was a game with Iron Wall on field and my opponent made my 2 star hall filled with 29 counters and I summon Blue-eyes maiden (2900 atk now) and then use Spellbook of power and he conceded

So that's all for today... Time to sleep...


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