*Updated* Harpie Dancer FTK hands

Here are a couple of starting hands that will make the FTK succeed.

  1. Summoner Monk + Magic + Divine Wind
  2. Summoner Monk + Magic + Terraforming
  3. Tinplate Goldfish (It's a machine, might help for Fenix ^^) + Blastfan + Divine Wind
  4. Tinplate Goldfish + Blastfan + Terraforming
  5. Armageddon Knight + Black Garden + Magic + Terraforming
  6. Armageddon Knight + Terraforming + Terraforming + Magic
  7. WIND monster + Divine Wind + Birdman
  8. WIND monster + Terraforming + Birdman
  9. Dancer + Divine Wind
  10. Dancer + Terraforming
  11. Stratos + Birdman + Divine Wind
  12. 12,13,14,15 If you accidentally discarded a symbol - A Hero Lives + Armageddon Knight + Divine Wind
  13. A Hero Lives + Armageddon Knight + Birdman
  14. A Hero Lives + Summoner Monk + Magic
  15. A Hero Lives + Blastfan + Birdman
Basically if you have a birdman in hand together with Option 9/10, 1 veiler can't stop you as it will just simply turn into Option 7/8's situation ^^. Throwing maxx 'C' might cause you to deck burn like Dueling Days' Wind-Up FTK

So this deck with lots of shit cards actually have an 80% success rate

Thanks to bahamut84 for finding this vid to show the various ways of successful hands, and maybe some secret tech might appear on the video too

Lol, Ancient Prophecy card... Cahoot with Ancient Fairy Dragons...

http://i.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19966223 - *NEW* With the help of Unibird, the success rate is increased to 90% and also, the last part shows you how to ftk when you have Dimensional Fissure.

Actually the title should change to "Divine Wind FTK", and ironically Harpie dancer comes with the new banlist ^^


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