ACQ 2013 Tourney Report

Deck Used: Evilswarm

6 rounds Swiss
Match 1: Vs. Lv3 Firefist - OXO
Match 2: Vs. Lv4 Firefist - OXO
Match 3: Vs. Prophecy - OO
Match 4: Vs. Incarnate Dragons - XX
Match 5: Vs. Tidal Mermail - XX
Match 6: Vs. Prophecy - Conspiracy

Top 16: Vs. Incarnate Dragons - XOX

Conclusion: Since top 8 then got prize, I get stucked at top 16. Once again the person who last "wins" me get first like last years' ACQ lol


Curious though, how did you lose the game 1 matchups vs incarnate? Did they win the dice roll and vomit everything or what? o.o


No bahamut so all turn dice roll winning dragons turn 1 dragosack me and I can't clear it.


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