Tourney Report 1/12/2012

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. ???, Hieratics - OO
Game 1: Tofeni + Shu ate Maxx "C" and then got farmed by Bear + Tenki
Game 2: Bear + Tenki and Tensu clear his field

Match 2: Vs.???, Wind-Up - OXX
Game 1: Bear + Tenki
Game 2: Ate Magician + Shark 3 times, I managed to stop twice but not the 3rd time
Game 3: Magician + Shark again :(

Match 3: Vs. Vishal, Blackwings - XOO
Game 1: He had Whirlwind + Zephyros, searched for Kalut and then pot for Dark Armed
Game 2: I had Tenki + Bear
Game 3: I had Tenki + Bear again

Match 4: Vs. Poh Seng, Agent Angel - OXO
Game 1: He try to do everything in one turn but my Maxx "C" helped me draw my Veiler and stop him at the right time. Then he ate Tenki + Bear
Game 2: Hyperion OP
Game 3: He had nothing and then I just farm with Bears and Bears and more Bears

Match 5: Vs. Sam, Ninja Chaos - OXX
Game 1: Bear + Tenki
Game 2: Didn't draw my monsters and then got killed by Lavalval Chain
Game 3: I start with Double lance, Monkey, Dragon, Double Mst. I summon Monkey, set Lance and ended. Which was a mistake lol, he mst my lance, normal summoned Hanzo searched for Ninjitsu and attacked my monkey, next he set 2 cards and ended. During my turn, I did a second mistake, I mst both face down which are Ninjitsu and then suicide with Dragon which I should have just summon Dragon, attack him and bait the ninjitsu for eclipse and then mst it to RFG eclipse.

And then I died lol... Did a few mistakes to learn how to play with this deck ^^


Hey can you please do more of these...I really enjoy them!


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