Fishborg Archer

For the first time the yugioh official website released every effect, every single card in the jump festa is so strong, including the new beast warrior synchro and a rank 2 x 4 water xyz~ And also, this!

Fishborg Archer
Level 3/WATER/Fish-Tuner/300/300
When this card is in grave and you have no monsters on the field, discard one WATER monster to activate. Special summon this card. Also, during the battle phase when this card is special summoned, destroy all non-WATER monsters on the field. The effect of "Fishborg Archer" can only be used once per turn.

And so... You can do some stupid combo without losing any cards.
Abyssdine & Fishborg Archer in grave
Discard Gunde to SS Fishborg Archer
Gunde effect special summon Dine
Dine effect special summon Gunde
Synchro Dewloren with Archer and Dine
Dewloren effect bounce Gunde
Now you can repeat the effect next turn if dewloren disappears :D


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