New mermail cards ^^

There are some mermail cards being revealed and to be released in the next cosmos blazer set

Mermail - Leadabyss
Lv 7/WATER/Sea serpent/2700/1000
During your main phase, you can special summon this card from your hand by discarding 3 WATER monsters other than this card to your grave. When this card is special summoned successfully by this effect, return 1 abyss spell or trap from your grave back to hand. You can release a mermail monster on the field other than this card to randomly send a card from your opponent's hand to grave. The effect of "Mermail - Leadabyss" can only be used once per turn.

Mermail - Abysstrite
Rk 3/WATER/Sea-serpent/1600/2800
Level 3 monsters x3
When a Mermail monster you control is being targeted by a spell,trap or monster effect, remove an xyz material to change the target to another monster you control. When this card is destroyed and send to grave, special summon 1 Mermail monster from grave other than "Mermail - Abysstrite".

Mermail - Abyssdine
Lv 3/WATER/Aqua/1000/200
When there's a Mermail monster on your field and this card is added to your hand from grave or deck, special summon this card. When this card is special summoned successfully by a Mermail monster effect, you can special summon a lv 3 or lower Mermail monster from your grave other than "Mermail - Abyssdine".The effect of "Mermail - Abyssdine" can only be used once per turn

Mermail - Abyssnose
Lv 4/WATER/Fish/1500/1500
When this card destroys an opponent monster by battle and send to grave, discard a water monster to grave. Special summon a Mermail monster from your deck in face-up defense position. The effect of  "Mermail - Abyssnose" can only be used once per turn.

Abysscale - Ketos
Equip spell
Can only be equipped to Mermail monsters. The monster gains 400/600(?) atk. When a trap card is activated, send this card to grave to negate its effect.

Target a Mermail on the field,it gains 1000 attack until the end phase of this turn. When this set card is being sent to grave, send a monster on your opponent field to grave

I see the potential ones are Abyssdine and Abysscorn.

Turn 1 - Abysspike discards Linde search Abyssdine > Abyssdine effect special summons back Linde, u do no lose anything. In fact it's a +1

Linde gets destroyed > search dine and special summons back linde
Great Wall of mermaids

Dine is pronounced as di-ne... But then it read like dine from the word undine lol...

Abysscorn looks interesting when fighting Mermail mirror and even other decks.

Mermail discards marksman, destroys the trap > send the Mermail or even Linde to grave > and because Linde is not destroyed but sent to grave it doesn't activate effect ^^

Other things like zenmaines, maestrokes will have bad ending too

Derives from the word Scorn(?), but then if u separate it its corn, and had a send effect like black corn...

Leadabyss is too costly, discarding 3, but the hand molesting effect is still quite tempting. It's send and not discard so no dw effect. I think its still worth putting in 1 for sphere, since 2700 is quite fit. Lol

Leada sounds like leader, maybe their boss, but can also be reed which is a wetland plant... :S

Abysstrite requires 3 Lv 3, terabyte looks like a better choice and healthier butt lol. But then she can special summon a Mermail when she dies. Still 3 lv 3... Mermails Lv 3 that stays on the field are those kinds that I rather leave them on the field (marksman, Linde)...
*Thanks to SpiceyYanni1 who pointed it out* You can call it out by bahamut shark, so you can replace your aeroshark from extra decks to this.

What's a strite or trite? Some mythology thingy?

Ketos... Like kraken it must negate the first trap so it's quite useless... Since your opponent can easily bait you.

Cetus from the Greek mythology

Abyssnoz Abyssnose... 1500 shura is janky

Noz? Snoz? Does it have any meaning or is it Norse...
Its because he is an elephantnose fish that's why its called abyssnose, just like abysslung is a lung fish.

Haze beast and the SD cards looks good... The flame spirit god is a jank since it only deals half the damage and can only destroys opponent monsters... Compared to the other 2 gods this Dinosaur looked like a joke...
And firestar is uninteresting too..


You are missing the point with Abysstrite...

Bahamut shark into Abysstrite....


dine makes abyss trite fairy easily, also using cards like gunde and abyyssquall to summon trite can lead to pretty strong defence.


the reason the fire god was so bad is simply because Laval's would have a one card set up for him.
Heat conduction field, laval cannon, handmaiden, effect handmaiden, dump another and another and another cannon.
a REAL ring of destruction and a rekindling set up is just dumb. The wind elemental lord should be the most powerful, they have the hardest time setting up a graveyard out of all the elements.


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