Tourney Report 9/9/2012

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. ChickenNoodle, Infernity - OO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Sangan attacked 6 times + he solemn warning my zenmaines

Match 2: Vs. Jeryl, Mermail- XOO
Game 1: Diva and shits too op
Game 2: Turn 1 Shock Ruler
Game 3: Zenmaity + Papiloperative + Zenmaister + Brilli-ant

Match 3: Vs. Nian Jie, Tour Guide Verz - OXO
Game 1: Tour guide + Shark
Game 2: Died to beatdown
Game 3: Magician + Shark + Salvage

Match 4: Vs. Wesley, Wind-Up - XOX
Game 1: Went and attacked a sangan then locked by maxx c
Game 2: Magcian + Shark ate max c, I stopped then during his turn he magician + shark and I chained maxx c + my magician's special summon, then from there I flood my own field during my turn
Game 3: Time is called and he xyz 2 zenmaines. There's nothing I can do to clear them.

Match 5: Vs. Rong Jie, Agent Angel - OO
He had a full win to pull him up so he let me win instead. If he let me win he will have a full win and a 4 win ( which is me ) to confirm pull him up

Top 8: Vs. Rong Jie, Agent Angel - OXO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Turn 1 Valhalla + Kristya OP
Game 3: Magician + Shark

Top 4: Vs. Keith, Infernity - OO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: He had 0 hand and field, drew Zero-Max, I had a face-down rat (ate book of moon), zenmaity and a body as a shield. He activates it and I chain-ed body as a shield to it to negate it. Our nice judge checked a few times and rule it that it can be negated by my body for that tournament. End up it can't, lol sorry for the ruling problem :S... 

Finals: Vs. Stark, Destiny Hero Beat - OO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Double shark and then salvage it back and then top draw magician.

1st... Quote from Josh Graham in Team overload's video - "You'd be a moron if you are not playing wind-ups" :D 


How was your final opponent's destiny hero beat built?


D draw, diamond dude, plasma with hero lives. Something like that


Haha. It is okay about the zero max vs my body as a shield ruling, at least now i know~
Well i think i could only do some mediocre stuff with that zero max only and wouldnt be able to turn the tables.


You actually like salvage in Wind-up? Seems really inconsistent and TCG is Deff NOT using it.


Well, ocg and TCG have a lot of different things that will affect the cards we put in, like us having emeral, the drop hand combo is still more workable for ocg than for TCG, so to let the drop hand combo work even better, I chose to put salvage instead. So far I still haven't get stucked by the salvage.


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