Well I was playing Constellar in DN with the new Constellar Sombres, and I find it or even the deck itself is more broken than the 'lswarm' counterpart. Let's see how this deck shines better than its evil form.
Lol lets take bahamut84's old post as quote:
A long time ago, I was joking that in order for Konami to make a tier 1 theme, they needed to follow this recipe
- Dark Armed Dragon (Boss monster)
- Stratos (a Searcher on summon)
- Shura (Beatdown monster that is rewarding)
- Reinforcement of the Army (Search card)
- Destiny Draw (Draw card)
- Icarus attack (Chainable field removal)
Well I think this deck fulfills most of it.
Boss monster(s) - Constellar Pleaides, Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7, Constellar Omega (Basically all Constellar xyz are boss monsters as they can end up xyz into M7)

Beatdown monster that is rewarding - Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7(?)

Search card - Reinforcement of the Army

Draw card - Nope

Chainable field removal - Constellar Pleaides

Not only these it has additional stuffs to bring it to at least tier 2
Chainable field protection (e.g. Pandemic Contagion Infestation) - Constellar Omega

Chainable attack booster (e.g Kalut) - Constellar Beehive

Reincarnation effect (e.g Monster Reincarnation) - Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7, Constellar Sombres

Additional Summoning (e.g Komachi, Evilswarm Castor) - Constellar Leonis, Constellar Pollux, Constellar Sombres

Level changer (e.g Inzektor Ladybug) - Constellar Kaust, Constellar Schet

Tribute Reduction - Constellar Sombres


So how is Sombres better? ^^
1. Top draw factor
When you are bankrupt and you drew Sombres, and ur grave had a Kaust, you can easily xyz into Pleaides and clear back, even if there's no Kaust other things that are level 4 can enable you a Beehive, Omega, Ptolemy. But if you put it in the situation of LSwarms, whatever that you took back and extra summon, might not really help you, Ophion can't clear big bosses (Dark Armed, Black Luster), Nightmare will be your nightmare by the time, Bahamut... but you are bankrupt...

2. Better high level effect 
Ok, the last effect of Sombres isn't that important and awesome, but the high level monsters of all LSwarms cannot compare with even 1 Constellar Zubeneschamali ^^

3. Constellar has lots of airman 
By gaining the extra summon, the airmans of Constellar are much more useful in compared to LSwarms having another extra summon.

4. LIGHT monsters 
Able to access Honest, Radiant Photon Paladius.

People are hyping the wrong theme man!
In this fast paced meta with Wind-ups, Mermail and Heroes, What can a trap based deck do and what can Ophion do? :D

So that's all for the Constellars today~ Additonal stuffs: Combo Kaust with Feelings Towards the Future and you can end up with an Omega and Pleaides which is super hard to clear! Or even Star Light, Star Bright if you want! 


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