Tourney Report 2/9/2012

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. William, Hero Beat - OXO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Died to skill drain
Game 3: Magician + Shark

Match 2: Vs. Yong Jie, Spore-sworn - OXO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Died to Catastor
Game 3: Magician + Shark

Match 3: Vs. Ballsnow, Agent Angel - OXO
Game 1: Zenmaity died to orange light, but few turns later I flood and kill
Game 2: Died to hyperion
Game 3: Magician + Shark + Salvage

Match 4: Vs. Calvin, Hero Beat - ???
Never played. I won because I want to pull ballsnow up... But end up he did not go up to top 8...

Top 8: Vs. Nian Jie, Machina Gadget - XOX
Game 1: First world problem: 2 factories made me too much hand and do mistake die.
Game 2: 2 Factories + Magician + Shark
Game 3: Time was called. He was left with 700 and a set S/T. I had 2 Wind-up Rabbit on field and drew lance during my draw phase. I should've xyz both into Acid Golem of Destruction (Because the only card that can save him is solemn judgment if I do that ) but instead I went and made a direct attack with my rabbit and ate a lance with down his life to 100 and he special summon tragoedia. I then xyz into a defense mode acid golem and set my lance and ended. During his turn, he summon goldfish and special summon gadget xyz into Evilswarm Ouroboros and bounce my golem and attack for the game.

Bottom 4: Vs. Guan Ji, Machina Gadget - OO
Game 1: Magician + Shark
Game 2: Clear his backrow and Magician + Shark + Factory

5th-6th: Vs. Kenneth, Mermail -???
We shared

Finally got back my main deck after Sam won so many of his M7 with it... I guess I've not been using it for too long that I did mistakes on the crucial match! XD Graduate from wind-up for dummies :D


Your wind up obeys Sam only .


not sure abt that... :S but I'm pretty sure it also obeys me :D since I had so much happy opening hands of magician + shark.. and the tourney re-paired twice and I hand the same killer hands :(


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