Team Tourney Report 26/08/2012

Deck Used:
September 2012 banlist
Team (Team score will be in this order too):
1. Me
2. Ballsnow
3. Sam

Participants: 13 teams

Match 1: Vs. Amo, Laval - XO-
Game 1: Heat transmission + Rekindle
Game 2: MegalOTK
Team score: -OO

Match 2: Vs. Jiarui, Six Samurai - OO
Game 1: Shien ate warning, next turn MegalOTK
Game 2: Shien on field, ate Megalo + Armory + Librarian
Team score: OOX

Match 3: Vs. Jeff, Ancestor Hero - XOO
Game 1: Good hand but I died
Game 2: MegalOTK
Game 3: Randomly bang and kill
Team score: OXX

Match 4: Vs. Wee Min, X-Sabers - OO
Game 1: Mind control wins games
Game 2: Mind control wins games
Team score: OXO

Top 8: Vs. ChickenNoodle, Infernity - OX-
Game 1: Farm a few turns and randomly kill!
Game 2: Macrocosmos OP
Team score: -OO

Top 4: Vs. Sherwyn, KFC Laval - XX

My fishes got fried with KFC secret recipes
Team score: XOO

Finals: Vs. Jeff again!, Ancestor Hero - XOO
Game 1: super random hand died
Game 2: Megalo x 2 + summon diva + armed man, both tribute and OTK
Game 3: I got bankrupt-ed by him, and then I set my only 2 cards which is prison and bottomless. But because he was afraid of Gorz he chose not to storm me and then shining ate prison and alius ate bottomless. From there he start to downfall.
Team Score: OOX

Overall score:
Ballsnow: OOXXOOO

And so we won another M7 again! :D SAM THE BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last team lose more than us, this time too! For those that only played 2 games meant that my team already won/lose before I even finished. F**K LAVALS! I OPT TO DROP ROACH AND THEY APPEAR ALL THE WAY! Decklist later~


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