Team Tourney Report 28/07/2012

Been quite some time since I had a Tourney Report. Here it goes...

Deck Used:

Team (Team score will be in this order too):
1. Me
2. Ballsnow
3. Sam

Participants: 19 teams (from what I heard)

Match 1: Vs. Ernest, Hieratics - XOX
Game 1: Ate a gustav + double dragoon
Game 2: Undine Water Art saw 3 red eyes and then controlled his dragons
Game 3: Same as game 1
Team Score: XOO

Match 2: Vs. Nian Jie, Verz Laggia - OXO
Game 1: Farmed my way through with random beatdown
Game 2: Got controlled by mind crush which I don't know why! ( It should've been the other way round! LOL)
Game 3: Brionac OP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just pot for marksman bounce and destroy.
Team Score: OOO

After winning 2 games straight we get "seeded" into the top 8

Top 8: Vs. Zhan Hao, Hero Beat - OO
Game 1: He ended without doing anything. Back to my turn, I summon diva searched marksman attacked with both searched out dragon rider and continued my attack. Synchro into catastor using diva and marksman at main phase 2 and ended. During his turn, he made a shock master declaring monster effects and attacked my dragon rider. Then  I used Genex Controller to synchro into Stardust Dragon and attacked the Shock Master. Next, he bankrupt himself by making a Excalibur to kill my SDD and then ate Dark Hole + Diva during his next turn

Game 2: He started by setting a card. I summon Raioh and attacked him, leaving him with 6100 LP. He ended again and ate 1900 life. Reducing to 4200. Then during his turn he summoned an alius and set a card and ended. I attacked again with Raioh which ate a Gemini Spark, then I normal summon Raioh which finally get flushed by torrential tribute. During my 4th turn, I summon controller and made a direct attack,then a gorz came fly down. I set my torrential and ended. My opponent killed the controller and ended. Last turn, I normal summoned diva, he chain maxx C to my diva and I chain torrential to clear the whole field. Searched marksman and won from there.
Team Score: OOX

Top 4: Vs. ???, Dark World - XOO
Game 1: Ate card Destruction 
Game 2: Game 2 opened with a water spiritual art hand and sent his card D to grave.
Game 3: Flood and kill
Team Score: OOO

Finals: Nian Jie again!, Verz Laggia - OO
Game 1: Start with undine throwing dragon rider, searched for both controller and diva, set bottomless and ended. He summon sabersaurus, which ate my bottomless and he chained lance to save the saber (which cant kill undine). He then ended with 4 S/T. During my turn, I actiave heavy storm cleared all, summon diva, searched for marksman. Synchro into Librarian, then armory arm draw water art.

Game 2: He set 5 and ended. During my standby phase, he chained macrocosmos which I mst him and he chained solemn judgment to it. I then summon dragon rider and attack for 3 turns and won.
Team Score: OOX

And so... My team helped me won the M7... Sleepy. ... Time to sleep


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