Tourney Report 07/05/12

Deck used:

Match 1: Vs. Mango, Inzektor - OXO
Game 1: OTK
Game 2: Raioh locked me and died
Game 3: OTK again

Match 2: Vs. Javier(?), Hero Beat - XOO
Game 1: Got controlled and the died
Game 2: OTK
Game 3: OTK

Match 3: Vs. Akira, Inzektor - OXO
Game 1: Controlled abit and beatdown
Game 2: Died to mantis and hornet
Game 3: Stalled awhile and beatdown with 1k aset until I drew su

Match 4: Vs. Wesley, Inzektor - OXO
Game 1: Storm OTK
Game 2: Acid golem beat me to death
Game 3: OTK

Top 8
Vs. Jun Cai, Inzektor - OO
Game 1: OTK
Game 2: OTK

Top 4
Vs. William, Goldfish Gadgets - OXO
Game 1: OTK
Game 2: Died to beatdown
Game 3: OTK

Vs. Ballsnow, Arrive Hero - Conspiracies

Shared the prize of Lavalval Chain and Dragoon.
Hieroglyphs decklist is basically the same everywhere, but I find this japanese player, hiroya's score quite interesting so I used his build, decklist here.

His score was:
1回戦 甲虫装機 先攻 ○×○
2回戦 甲虫装機 先攻 ○○
3回戦 甲虫装機 後攻 ○×○
4回戦 甲虫装機 先攻 ○×○甲虫装機 = Inzektors


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