Off to D3!

Hero beat isn't just my style lol... Its half rush and half reactive, but as you can see if u read all of my reports, lol, I have been rushing like crazy... And I went to play Hero Beat during last sunday, and I get a score of 0-4, exciting score... But I got lucky draw in the end, and the price is the prize of 8th place LOL... Why work so hard?!

I played hieratics on friday and here's the score:

Game 1: Inzektor - OO
Game 2: Arrive Hero - OO
Game 3: Gladiator Beast - OO
Game 4: Arrive Hero - OO
Top 8: Arrive Hero - OO
Top 4: Arrive Hero - XX ( Hand was OTK hand but I started first LOLOL~~~)

And so I died, get 5 packs of GAOV and opened an XYZ (Guess it urself :D) while the 2nd place got a Sutekh and nothing else from 10 packs, which prize dropped instantly from 2nd to last place...

D3 is playable on 3pm(SGT) tomorrow~ Lesser time and post on YGO for these few days/weeks I guessed... : (


13 packs clarence <_<


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