Tourney Report 06/05/12

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. ???, X-Sabers - OO
Game 1: I maxx "C" + librarian and he continued to do everything
Game 2: Stalled awhile and then rekindled

Match 2: Vs.Xm, Machina Gadget - OXO
Game 1: Crimson Blader hit me and then I Cardcar D gambled with her and won.
Game 2: Died by my own genius moment
Game 3: Rekindle and then gold sarco for rekindle

Match 3: Vs.Kyo, Inzektor - XOX
Game 1: I drew bitches and he start with dragonfly and ladybug
Game 2: Shadow mirror and control
Game 3: He start with dragonfly and ladybug again~ then 2 turns later he farm and made into verz nightmare, I died because of that.

Match 4: Vs. Akira, Hero Beat - ???
He let me go up since he lost his first game.

Top 8
Vs. Kyo again~ - OXX
Game 1: Rekindle love
Game 2: Nightmare
Game 3: Nightmare

Vs. Vishal, Machina Gadget - OXO
Game 1: Heat Transmission and then a few turns later rekindle
Game 2: Died to giganto farming
Game 3: Raioh lock~

And then I got a starter deck which shared with akira and cover back my entry fee... No chain no power :(


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