Tourney Report 07/04/12

Deck Used:
Number of Participants: 26

Match 1: Vs. ???, Hero Beat - OO
Game 1: Dragonfly + Gruf earned for a few turns and won
Game 2: Cleared his field and then flood.

Match 2: Vs. Winson, Laval - XOO
Game 1: Raigeki Break discarded the wrong stuff and then ate rekindle
Game 2: Transproph FTW
Game 3: Rivalry FTW

Match 3: Vs. Stark, Infernity - OO
Game 1: Damsel + Gruf earning
Game 2: Centipede made a chain block to prevent him from using chain disappearance on Dragonfly

Match 4: Vs. Sam, Laval - ???
We didn't fight since we are both confirm going top

Top 8
Vs. Stark again, Infernity - OO
Game 1: Dragonfly + Gruf earning
Game 2: I started with Dragonfly, Hornet, Giga-mantis, Foolish burial and MST. He grepher discarded Stygian Street Patrol and Archfiend and set 2 cards. LOL I WAS PRAYING HE HAD A MONSTER HAND. Then when he set the 2nd card I was praying I top draw 2nd MST and it came. So I MST both set cards, summoned dragonfly equip hornet and mantis, foolish Dragonfly and flood + kill.

Top 4
Vs. Calvin, Arrive Bubble Beat - ???
Conspiracy happened

Vs. Sam, Laval - OXO
Game 1: Dragonfly + Gruf earning
Game 2: I did some genius move and then walk onto the path towards death lol
Game 3: Centipede + Gruf opening, with solemn, mst and warning. During the next turn Dragonfly + Giga-mantis + Hornet love~

And so... I won a Lavalval Chain~~ The chain was sold back to shopowner~~ =D Next week is ACS, I will be judging instead of playing since I played Msia ACS. Sadly the prizes are so tempting that I am regretting now... Lol... Good luck to Inzektors player and Ninja Hieratics player! XD...


Hi, mind posting the link where you found the kawaii dragonfly pic? thx!


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