Geargia OTK

Armor(Arsenal) + Accel + Birdman
Armor NS(Arsenal NS -> Armor - SS)
Accel SS, Accel bounce, Birdman SS, Accel SS
Accel + Birdman to Burei, Saizan SS from effect
Armor eff set facedown, Burei effect flip it face up, search Accel, SS Accel
Accel + Saizan into Bureido, Saizan SS
Saizan + Armor into Bureido, Haipa SS
Burei + Bureido + Bureido + Haipa = 10300

Armor Flip + Level 3/4 Tuner
Armor flip, Search Accel, SS Accel, NS tuner
Set Armor
Tuner + Accel into Bureido/Burei, SS Nishipachi if Bureido, SS Saizan if Burei
Nishipachi/Burei effect flip Armor, Search Accel, SS Accel
Nishipachi/Saizan + Accel into Burei/Bureido, SS Saizan
Armor + Saizan into Bureido, SS Haipa
Burei + Bureido + Bureido + Haipa = 10300

Armor Flip + Accel/Mk2
Armor flip, Accel/MK2 search, SS Accel
Armor + Accel into Geargiganto X, Search Birdman using effect(Removing Accel as Material)
NS MK2, SS Accel from grave, Accel Bounce to SS Birdman, SS Accel
Birdman + Accel into Burei, SS Saizan
MK2 + Saizan into Burei, SS Haipa
Geargiganto X + Burei + Burei + Haipa = 9600

DSummon would like this very much :D


OMG the 2nd OTK can be used on asia format :)

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You can summon Ninishi instead of Haipa in the end (with a non-tuner Karakuri of course)
Just in case your opponent has several monsters or something and you can't deal enough damage to win.


Though haipa is bigger and may give u the instant draw after battle, kuick might serve a better purpose as you will have a live saizan in grave. Kuri line up of three saizan two kuick one haipa and three birdman?


When ur opponent is dead, y do u need a kuick? If u r talking about gorz or tragoe, they are also can't be killed by kuick, whereas haipa, after hitting, u draw, there might be solutions to the gorz or tragoe


anyway haipa is good against mirror :D Armor butt is too huge


that is true also, both have their pros and cons. Do you think its necessary to run tuners other than birdman and saizan in the kuri variant? you probably wont be getting ninishi off much. Maybe a nishipachi for your above mentioned combo number 2, probabaly abit better than ninishi here as it has built in draw 1 with bureido or just to enemy controller ppl.


Summon Ninishi in the end with a non-tuner in hand. Synchro summon Burei, summon Haipa with Burei's effect. End result: Same field with an additional Burei in case you might need it.


I tried ninishi just now, it's quite good... Especially when u already have geargiarmor, flip armor search accel, set back, summon ninishi extra summon nishipachi to flip armor and delicious stuff will continue from there


I thought of running e.tele too lol


This deck will probably only have 1 haipa as non-tuner...

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I have a pure build that OTKs ALOT.

It works like this: NS MK2, SS Arsenal, Inferno Reckless Summon, SS Accel, Arsenal + Accel = OL Geargiganto X, X effect DETACH ARSENAL, SS Geargiano, effect, SS Arsenal

MK2+Arsenal x3+Geargiganto=10800

Here's the deck:

Tell me what you think.


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