Tourney Report 01/04/12

Deck Used:
Number of Participants: 34
Match 1: Vs. Yong Siang, Inzektor - OO
Game 1: Inzektor flood and control
Game 2: We have exhausted each other's resources, until I drew to Thunderbird and then peck him to death.

Match 2: Vs. William, Hero Beat - OXO
Game 1: Flood and kill
Game 2: Locked by Consecrated Light and die
Game 3: He potted for Starlight Road and then set 4 cards, I managed to clear the road and then everything and flood.

Match 3: Vs. Jacob, Hieratics - OO
Game 1: Flood and kill
Game 2: He start and made Photon Streak Bounzer, I mind control, xyz into Gaia Dragoon, flood and kill

Match 4: Vs. Wesley, Inzektor - OXO
Game 1: I manage to autonomous and flood and kill
Game 2: I got exhausted and die
Game 3: He had a choice of whether to summon dragonfly or centipede, but I had chain disappearance and torrential to clear both...

Match 5: Vs. Bryan(Ballsnow), Inzektor - ???
I let him win in order to pull a friend, but the friend didnt made it to top 8

Top 8
Vs. Wei Ann, Verz Laggia - OXO
Game 1: I flood and kill
Game 2: My dragonfly ate chain disappearance and then downfall from there
Game 3: The game started with all rabbits being banished by chain disappearance. And I had nothing and we stored until his field was 5 set cards, and mine was 2 set m/t and 2 rykos, my life was 1650 and his was 6800. He suddenly ran out of patience, raigeki break targetted my raigeki break, and I chained and managed to hit Starlight road! He then mind controlled my ryko and flipped using its effect targetting my 2nd ryko. Being afraid of cards like Verz thunderbird(because my life was just nice 1650) I chained Rivalry of warlords in response to its flip so that he can't summon anything other than beast. he then set 2 cards from his hand and ended, returning my ryko. During my turn, I drew gigamantis, together with storm and dragonfly. I activated storm and managed to clear everything and do hornet gigamantis otk.

Top 4
Vs. Jacob again, Hieratics - OO
Game 1: I booked of moon his atums and then next turn mind control, xyz into Gaia dragoon, flood with inzektors and kill lol, like what he ate during swiss
Game 2: We both had a lousy hand, and stored for a few turns, until I started to activate storm, he chained mind crush, checked my grave of 2 dragonfly with totally 0 centipedes, declared centipede. I showed him dragonfly, dropped his veiler from mind crush effect and flooded.

Vs. Ballsnow again, Inzektor - ???
We shared the prize of atums and lavalval chain :D

Finally, I manage to touch a chain, although it was just half of it lol, we sold the atums for 40 back to the shopkeeper and splitted the money. Today's build was removing 1 of the autonomous and dark armed for an extra effect veiler and gruff. Having 3 gruff and 3 hornet makes me use allure of darkness with no regret lol. And every game I sided out 1 gruff for stuffs, maybe because I treated it like a Dark armed which I always side out during 2nd game. Last time my friends and I were making a joke about "falling sick always wins tourney". I think I should believe it lol as I have been coughing badly and flu for 5 weeks :(


Congratulions on your....wait...WHAT??

5 weeks?

Most flu cases go away after 3 days-2 weeks(I think)!

Have you gone to check yourself up?

If not, I higly suggest you do so!

And watch yourself, when you are on recovery, the body is much more vulnerable, it's easy to get ill again right away!


Yes I have seen doctor already lol... Recovering soon...


whoa !! 3 gulf.. then how many traps u n magic u play??


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