Gishki Hieroglyphs

Used by our current world champ currently~ helped me 20-0 =D


Yeah.....eeehhhmm.....yeah,, I don't get it!

How does this work?XD

Can you explain some combo?


From a glance, you have hand control with gustkrake, while being able to.go into easy rank six as tributing hieroglyphs for the ritual summon triggers their ability to special summon a vanilla.


What's the card after Upstart Goblin?


@MaX gustkrake tributing the hieratics, then xyz into messier 7 for a mini loop

The card after upstart is Hieratic seal of convocation the reinforcement of the army for hieratic


Interesting build here. Though my first thoughts for Gishki has always been "If Gishki is terribly inconsistent by itself, then what's the chance of it combined with another deck?"

But yeah, if it works, then it can win.


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