Why can't konami be like that?

Look at this

MTG's R&D head explains everything about their banlist. Even give statistics like "reason y it's ban because XXX cards top ??% at day 1 and ??% in day 2" etc

I dun think spore and bulb have that percentage...

Now, here's some pics of a japanese website which records all the OCG and TCG tourney.

And of course the top 10 cards being used as of 2011 September banlist

For monsters section, T.G Agents cards are all in the top 10 list, Sangan being the 1st, and of course no spore & bulb because they are at 35th and 23rd respectively.

Traps of course,

Trap dustshoot being the first and all these of course requires no reason why their ban, just the amount being used proves their worth.

Next extra deck with Trishula being used 1577 times in the whole YCS and Japan

Lastly, the decks being used as of September 2011

1st: Agent
2nd: Inzektors
3rd: Laggia
4th: Gadget
5th: Dark World
6th: BF
7th: Karakuri
8th: Junk Doppel
9th: HERO
10th: Dragunity

Weird enough, destroying a deck not even in the top 5 which no one ever notices it's even in the top 10.

Rather than letting the players have their imaginations run wild and came up with all the funny reasons...

And even copied magic's old level format into the zexal,5ds etc rank format which gives bye. If Konami can copy this, Why can't they be like that?


Konami has made some awesome video games(Contra and Breath of Fire 4 are 2 of my all time favorites) but when it comes to card games they SUCK!

Everything about their card games is most of the times bad!

1: Card design is bad!

The game had a dozen overpowered cards from the very start!(f.e. Raigeki)

2: Mechanisms are tricky, hard to learn and full of holes!

3: Synchros broke the game!

4: Communication between players and company is next to zero!

5: Banlists are AWFUL!!!!!God, they are SOOO AWFUUL!!And they are ALWAYS slow to solve the problems(of course they ban old problems but they let the new so they can sell more cards!How shameful!)

Banlists shouldn't come every six months!

They should come when there is a problem!

Of course, Kazuki Takahashi didn't have the card game in his mind when he created Yu-Gi-Oh!

So, the design was left to whoever would come to buy the rights!

The only thing players could do was pray!

We didn't pray enough!XD


Konami doesn't care about making the game better, they only care about making more money!Even as bad as the game is now, people still buy their products!

They can't do the same with the video games because if a video game is bad, people will just spread the word around and no one will buy it!


it's simple. Konami is pushing people to buy their NEW products. Tuners (and synchros) are the remnants of a "bygone" era to them. They want their new product, XYZs, to sell well. This ban list hit 4 tuners (2 banned 2 restricted) while giving us back 1 emeregency teleport. They simply do not want people to run synchros now.

It's purely an economic reason, and a "for the money" ban list. Hitting tengu but not tour guide is also a reason for that. Tengu promotes synchro, tour guide promotes XYZ.

Also another reason for not hitting inzecters or wind-up at ALL. More $$$ (esp in TCG).

But it's not a bad thing. This list forces us to come up with even more innovative ways to do the things we want, and to set new standards for them.


True... And the only synchro based deck left in the top 10 is junkdo.


I was wondering if they had a site that recorded information like this (top decks/cards of OCG AND TCG). Clover, do you mind if you post the link to it? Thanks ^^;


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