Tourney report 19/02/12(?)

Today I'm not myself.
Deck used: Tour Guide Rabbit Laggia

Match 1: Vs. Stark - XX - Junk Doppel
I dunno how I died cos I didn't play this match

Match 2: Vs. Putra - OXO - Inzektor
Game 1: Rabbit Tour Guide with 4 backrow

Game 2: Rubbish

Game 3: He had 1 hornet and 1 gigamantis in grave, I had a dokka on field, I summon tour guide, search bus, he chained call of the haunted to revive mantis, I then xyz leviair and send bus to take back rabbit. Hornet returns back to deck with bus effect. Then next I banish rabbit into 2 sabersaurus, he chained safezone on his own mantis. I xyz into Laggia and ended with a lance at backrow. During his turn, he destroys my laggia with gigamantis and ended. I then summon grand mole, he torrential and I chained lance on leviair. Next I leviair took back his banished hornet, reborn my bus and xyz leviath dragon, sending bus with its own effect and return gigamantis. then from there I win because he had nothing in grave.

Match 3: Vs. Sherwyn, Agent Angel - OO
Game 1: Rabbit Guide 4 back row

Game 2: My hand was lance, fiendish chain, torrential, 2 Jurrac guaiba and 1 sangan. He dustshoot and send 1 guaiba to deck. I summon sangan, attack, set lance and torrential and ended. He storm and synchro into catastor with striker and werewolf and attack sangan, I searched for rabbit, he set a monster and ended. I then summon rabbit banish and search 2 kabalzauls and xyz into dokka. Dokka attack catastor negating its effect thus destroying it, and I set my chain and ended, during his turn he summon venus, pay 500 and I chained chain to it, and then he ended without doing anything. I summon my guaiba and he scooped during my turn.

Match 4: Vs. Anthony, Chaos Dragon - OO
Game 1: Rabbit tour guide

Game 2: Rabbit tour guide
But we still share

Top 8: Vs. Jun Cai, WWBF - OO
Game 1: I start with Sabersaurus and set dustshoot. I chained it during his turn and revealed that he got 2 icarus, 1 veiler, 1 bottomless, 1 reborn and 1 bora. I send bora back and he set bottomless and ended. I then summon tour guide, he negated with veiler and I attack him dealing him 2900 damage. Next turn he set 2 card and ended. I summon tour bus, all attack and set warning. during his turn he scooped

Game 2: He start with bora, dustshoot, potted for warning and set it. My hand was tour guide, torrential, lance, starlight road, warning, sabersaurus. He sent tour guide back to deck using dustshoot, I summon sabersaurus, it went passed and then I ate a kalut when I attack his bora. Then I set starlight road and ended. During his turn he set 2 card, attack with bora and ended. My turn I draw sangan, set sangan, set the 3 card and ended. He chained icarus targetting my lance and warning, I chained starlight road in response and he negated with warning. Then during his turn, he mst my torrential, summon blizzard took back kalut, synchro into android and attacked my sangan, I search for rabbit and he ended gaining 600 lifepoint. I have only 1 rabbit and he had no cards in hand and only android and a set card on field. I drew into MST, MST his face-down, summon rabbit banish into 2 kabalzauls, xyz into utopia and attack android and ended. During his turn he top draw gale half my utopia attack into 1250 and attack my utopia, I negated it with its effect and he ended. My turn, I draw another MST, set it and ended. During his turn he half my utopia, now 625 attack, and attack it, I negated again and he ended with setting his newly drawn card, I chained my mst. During my turn, I top drew a Guaiba, summon, attack and xyz into Laggia and ended. During his turn he drew shura, summon it and I negated it with Laggia effect and ended. I attack with both of them and set bottomless and ended. He scooped during his turn.

Top 4: Vs. Jeff, Ancestor Hero - ???
We shared lol

In the end, Jeff won his 5th Chain, "I" get a black luster soldier.
So why was I saying I'm not myself today lol. It's because I replaced xiao mei to play the tournament after her first match and she just stood there and got a prize without doing anything LOL... I won 1/4 chain but its not mine T.T

Seems like the banlist is real and I shall not post about it. It looks so TCG to me in my opinion...


Wats an ancestor hero deck?


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