How to Quasar with Hieroglyphs

Since Alexandrite dragon is coming out in OCG Starter Deck 2012, it is OCG legal now!

Here it goes,

Hieroglyph Dragon - Aset Dragon
Hieroglyph Dragon - Nephthe Dragon x2
Hieroglyph Dragon - Shiyu Dragon x2
Jester Confit

Hieroglyph Dragon - Shiyu Dragon

Alexandrite Dragon
Guard of Flamvell

Shooting Quasar Dragon
Ally of Justice Catastor
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron

Step (cards gained/lost):
1. Normal Summon Aset (-1)
2. Release Aset, special summon Nephthe A (-1)
3. Aset effect special summon Alexandrite
4. Release Nephthe A special summon Nephthe B (-1)
5. Special summon Guard of Flamvell using Nephthe A effect
6. Synchro Alexandrite and Guard into Librarian
7. Special Summon Shiyu A by releasing Nephthe B(-1)
8. Special Summon Guard using Nephthe B's effect
9. Special summon Jester (-1)
10. Synchro Guard and Jester into Formula Synchron
11. Formula & Librarian Draw Effect (+2)
12. Shiyu A released, Special summon Shiyu B (-1)
13. Alexandrite is special summoned by Shiyu A effect
14. Shiyu B released to special summon Shiyu C (-1)
15. Special Summon Guard using Shiyu B effect
16. Synchro Alexandrite and Guard into Catastor
17. Librarian draw 1 (+1)
18. Synchro Formula, Librarian and Catastor into Quasar.


2 cards
Not only this you can also do it with Hunter Dragon

With the same hand, same draw

Hunter Dragon
Guard of Flamvell

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary
Armory Arm
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Formula Synchron

Steps (Card gained/lost):
1. Normal Summon Aset (-1)
2. Release Aset, special summon Shiyu A (-1)
3. Aset effect special summon Hunter
4. Release Shiyu A and special summon Shiyu B (-1)
5. Shiyu B effect special summon Guard
6. Synchro Guard and Hunter into Arm
7. Release Shiyu B, special summon Nephthe A (-1)
8. Shiyu B effect, special summon Guard
9. Special summon Jester (-1)
10. Synchro into Formula Synchron with Jester and Guard
11. Formula effect draw 1 (+1)
12. Special Summon Nephthe B by releasing Nephthe A (-1)
13. Nephthe A effect, special summon Guard
14. Nephthe B + Guard synchro Brionac
15. Formula + Arm + Brionac = Quasar


1 card

This is a good way to entertain yourself.


using 6 cards to quasar?
Nah, i use 3 actually for next format

Quickdraw synchron
Level Eater
Synchron Explorer
Hane wata

Unknown Synchron

Wing Kuriboh

Shooting Quasar Dragon
Junk Warrior
Road Warrior
Formula Synchron

Step (cards gained/lost):
1.Discard Level Eater and special Quickdraw (-1)
2.Level Eater effect,1 star from Quickdraw (+1)
3.Synchro into Junk Warrior.
4.Normal Summon Synchron Explorer
5.Synchron Explorer effect,Special QD (+1)
6.1 star from JunkWarrior,Revive Level Eater(+1)
7.Synchro in Road Warrior[1+2+5=8]
8.Road Warrior special Unknown Synchron(+1)
9.1Star from RoadWarrior,special Level Eater(+1)
10.Synchron in Formula[1+1=2]
11.Draw 1 from Formula(+1)
12.1Star from RoadWarrior,sp. Level Eater(+1)
13.LETS GO QUASAR [4+6+2=12] (xX)
14.Smile at Opponent
16.Smile MORE.


Im sorry for not signing off

This is a good Quasar combo, but too much cards is needed.

anyway, mine is more straight forward in a way or another.
Cheers, didnt meant to flame/Hate

From Germany, KAMI


Why are you declaring a normal / special summon from hand a -1? It doesn't change the card presence in total.


-1 for cards in hand, but eventually I'll earn back becos of the normal monsters


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