OCG March Banlist Predictions


Flame me with reasons. :D... No tour guides will be harmed in this process

First thing first - This is a march banlist, which if you notice, is a very harsh banlist which cripples every deck of the meta most of the time,

e.g Undead, Tele-dad, Lightsworn in 2010 and
Six Samurai, Debris Junkdo Plant, Psychics and Fishes 2011.

So here's my predictions for 2012 March banlist:

Future fusion - People have been predicting this card to be banned since September 2011 where there was a FF Hero Tori loop or shits. But Dewloren was restricted then and the deck disappeared from earth. Now this card joins the new Dragonic Legion structure deck and act as a giant size "Foolish Burial". Although the deck lacks consistency even with this card but letting one card generate too much advantage for the deck is bad for the meta "health".

Card Destruction - A gigantic "Foolish Burial" for yet another deck, Dark World, generating huge advantage as well at one go. And I'm sure Grapha doesn't only talk big, if that is so he doesn't need such card to net a cheat win.

Inzektor Dragonfly, Inzektor Hornet - This duo wearing such auspicious colors to celebrate Chinese new year with the Asians. Actually, I don't think that Dragonfly alone will cause havoc, imagine Hornet's effect is "Send this card to grave, look at one of your opponent set cards", would you think the deck itself will still be that strong? Will damsel's field flooding affect you? And hornet-mantis combo will be a failure too.

Wind-Up Zenmaighty, Wind-Up Rat -
Everyone seems to put Zenmaighty at fault for discarding their hands, but no one notice tat the sneaky rat is behind all these. Without rat, please calculate how much hand you would've dropped. Although its mainly rats fault but too bad Zenmaighty was created at such an imbal xyz rank which was so easy to summon that it cannot be ignored.

Rekindling - Maybe people might not know this but Laval is also in top tier now. And the credits goes to this card. This card alone is able to make librarian formula stunts, 1 card Scar Red, An otk field with Laval because of the level 2 girl which pumps all laval atk. With this card, even the lousiest attributes (among dark, water, wind, light etc) can be the strongest deck.

Evolzar Laggia - A walking solemn with 2400 attack, this card evolved from lizards into the one of the best Dragon of the year of Dragon. Removing 2 xyz material sounded like a huge cost, but you are not losing any cards because the dragon is still on the field, and your opponent had just wasted a card to remove ONLY it's material.

Agent of Mystery - Earth, Agent of Creation - Venus, Master Hyperion -
A TUNER Stratos(Earth) which search a beatstick+ LV 3 supporter(Venus, which eventually calls out gantetsu and boost) and a Dark Armed Dragon(Master Hyperion) of it's own theme. Sounds like the all time favorite Tele-DAD cards? And their stars are just too aligned for both xyz and synchro

Ultimate Offering - I almost missed out this, another 2 card otk combo, and I don't want to see Offering Gadgets coming out 3 Verz Ouroboros and Sending 3 cards into grave from opponent hand again. Upsize version of Wind-Up Hunter.

Magician of faith - Bad Magics gone, she can stay now.

Tribe-Infecting Virus - Punishment for people who are playing theme decks (this is not the reason for it to come back). Even dark hole is back, so why is this still inside, if one were to argue that it can discard Fabled for its effect and destroy opponent field, well there's a ruling that stated that one cannot declared a field type that's not on opponent's field, so how many fabled can one call?
Secondly, there are veilers everywhere now, the effects are not as devastating as it is in the past. The only deck that I see higher chances to put in this was debris plant and etc which the deck is now crippled.

Pot of duality - This card is in the middle of limited and semi-limited. Konami never liked cheap deck filtering and also, boost for meta beat, even though people may argue that it's reprinted in gold series, but hello, brionac suffered the same fate too after GS01.

Karakuri Komachi mdl. 224 "Ninishi" - Wait a minute! Did I misread or are you joking? Tats what readers might be thinking, but yes this is the heart of the Karakuri deck. This card makes the whole Karakuri able to burst and even generate advantage, it's also in the middle of restriction and semi. Komachi and merchant goes into Naturia Beast. Komachi and Kuick sync into Landoise or Burei and Komachi and Instant fusion into Bureido. They are all so easy because of this cards' extra summon effect. So it deserve to be in this state and in my opinion is one of the strongest tuner after Gale the Whirlwind.

Book of moon - Promoting xyz is good for business, but promoting otk and unstoppable combo is bad for players. Let the monsters sleep for a turn to let players catch a breath for an extra turn. Then yet again it's just prediction, since when did Konami cared alot about players lol.

Scapegoat - In the recent meta, I don't feel that having flood field of tokens helped much. I wonder whether people would still play the United goat if this comes back. And how would it fare against the metas

Magic Cylinder -
Even alternate win decks such as chain burns and stuff doesn't use it much anymore, its too slow and needed a wait for opponent's attack, coming back to 3 does not affect much.

Call of the Haunted -
Cards that need to set are not as useful as the past anymore. Furthermore, this is a card that not only need to set, but also attaches to a monster. And there are way too many cards with similar card effect unlimited, having 3 does not make as much difference as 2

Bottomless Trap Hole -
Crazy? I don't think so. During Mizuho-Shinai loop era, this card is so useless against Samurai that every deck dropped it and opted in Solemn Warning. But that era was over... Even now before 2012 banlist, some decks dropped it because of Inzektor Dragonfly. But this is not the main reason why this card should be unlimited. The decks in the past few metas after Crush Card Virus was banned, are all big-sized monsters and those monsters are hard to kill, so at least give people a choice whether people wanna max this out.
No (these cards are not put into list):
T.g. (Restricted)- they are not in the list because they are like ants, restricting striker aid the crippling of T.G. Agents, but Dirty Zenmai plays only 1 or no strikers and 3 warwolf, restricting warwolf will end up the same. And just fill up the space for rhinos and you have you searching session back.

Destiny Draw (Unlimited) -
Ever seen the Magical Library Exodia? Its consistent because of this too.

Royal Oppression (Restricted) - This card is the card Konami hates most! If you notice the banlist:
- Konami doesn't like a card that destroy one whole deck/ one card that generates too much advantage.
- Konami does not like people hiding behind traps and also anti meta decks.

Legendary Six Samurai, Shien (semi-limited)
How I wished this was true. And no, people WILL play six samurai if there are 2 shiens.

Goyo Guardian(Limited) - 2800 level 6, where can you find any other monster this stats and with a positive effect? This should not be let out, otherwise you will see Inzektor mirror stealing each others Dragonflies and also, Gemknight Pearl gets stolen here and there. Where will acid golem stand if this comes back? Monster controlling cards are also Konami hated cards.

Tats all. This are the cards that are in my opinion, deserved to be in and out of the list, and this list that I've made handled those decks of this meta from September 2011 to now, such as:
- FF based theme deck (dragon)
- Dark World
- Inzektors
- Dirty Zenmai
- Laval
- Rabbit Laggia
- Offering Gadgets
- Agent Angel
- Karakuri

Well I personally have tried out all these decks in real life and that is why this are the cards that I felt are the core that deserved to be hit. That's all!


your banlist is totally sensable and might even be as accurate as konami's real list, except for the hyperion part cause konami never touches SD foils


@avengingknight - actually there is... Foolish burial which originally from Joey Structure deck and Magical Stone Excavation from Marik structure deck... Lol


ok to be precise, cards that is the main engine or are the boss monster of a deck and are from SD :D eg: hyperion, earth, snoww,grapha, machina etc


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