Tourney Report 25/02/12

Deck used: Wind-up (Not so dirty anymore)

Match 1: Vs. Sam, Inzektor - ???
I let him go up as usual...

Match 2: Vs. Gerald, Inzektor - OXO
I lost the die roll (I rolled 2 he rolled 4)
Game 1: He set 1 card with Card Trooper milling 3 cards. I then summon tour guide, searched tour bus and special summon werewolf, xyz into zenmaighty and detach one material to search for hunter. Hunter discards a card with its effect, and repeat the process for 3 times and then finally Trishula with birdman. He scooped 2 turns later.
Game 2: Died to Dragonfly - Hornet.
Game 3: Dropped his whole hand

Match 3: Vs. Jeff, Ancestor Hero - XOO
I lost the die roll. And the reason why his deck is called Ancestor Hero is because he was one of the first few to play heroes here and won 5 Lavalval Chains in the last banlist. (I rolled 2 he rolled 4... Hmm coincidence?)
Game 1: Died terribly.
Game 2: Dropped his whole hand
Game 3: Decree and Dragonfly-Hornet

Match 4: Vs. Sazabi, Inzektor - XOX
I lost the die roll. (I rolled 2 he rolled 4... FUCK THIS SHIT DICE!)
Game 1: Died by OTK
Game 2: Whole hand in grave.
Game 3: Did a mistake by leaving 2 magician on the field, should have xyz into Emeral and gamble to continue the loop.

Conclusion: Died. And I lent the dice to Anthony for his bottom 8 match, he rolled 2 and  his opponent rolled 4. TCG Wind-ups are more dirtier, so my deck is not so dirty anymore - No shark, no rabbits... Waiting for sharks and funding for wind-up rabbits.... Wanted to buy it on Sunday, then think and think and think, 3 days later... "How come the wind-up rabbits price remained the same, but quantity different already...." GG...


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