Tourney Report 03/12/11

Deck used: Inzekter

Match 1: V.s. Poh Seng, GK - XOO
Rolled 1 for die roll
Game 1: He start the game first by activating Necrovalley, set everything and royal tribute, but my hand was all magic and traps including an MST and Storm. During my turn, I mst his dark hole. After a few turns later died to Malefic Cyber End Dragon and Stardust Dragon from Starlight Road.

Game 2: I start the game with Inzektor Centipede equipped with Inzektor Hornet and ended, he got controlled after that.

Game 3: He had 2 cards set and I had 2 Inzektor Dragonfly in hand, somehow I felt that one of it was chain disappearance, so I set my Dragonfly and ended. He passed his turn without doing anything. During my turn, I activate effect of an already on field Centipede, he discarded Effect Veiler, then I normal summon Inzektor Dragonfly from my hand and it ate chain disappearance, then I flip my set Dragonfly and activate effect. It got bounced back to hand by Compulsory Evacuation Device, and the field had a Necrovalley thus I can't equip Hornet from grave. I then set foolish burial from hand and ended. He set a monster and a S/T afraid that it was something that could change the situation. I draw MST during my turn and clear field + Leviair my Dragonflys back.

Match 2: V.s. Mango, Inzektor
I rolled 3 but still lose the die roll (NVM improvement in luck lol)
Game 1: Died to god hand

Game 2: I swarm him using Lavalval Chain and stuffs

Game 3: I died to Mind Control

Match 3: V.s. ???, Offering Gadget - OO
Game 1: I am playing with myself.

Game 2: Playing with myself again.

Match 4: V.s. ???, Infernity - OXO
Lose the die roll
Game 1: He start first by flooding. I clear everything and flood back =D

Game 2: Die to flooding

Game 3: I lavalval top deck Dark armed and set call of the haunted, with Dragonfly in hand and Hornet in grave. Then next turn I draw Dark armed, I send Dragonfly from deck to grave using Lavalval Chain effect and activate call to special summon it back, I then special summon dark armed and flood like mad...

Tragic Ending. I'm the legendary No.9 and I am the only 3 win who never get into top 8...


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