Tourney report 26/11/11

Deck used: Inzecter

Match 1: Vs Ball-snow, TGAA - XOX
I rolled 1 for die roll

Game 1: He start first set 2 S/T and ended. During my turn I get dust-shooted and I summoned summoner monk, pay the cost for effect and ate an effect veiler. Then from there it went downhill...

Game 2: I start with Summoner Monk, Inzecter Damsel, 2 Inzecter Centibeet, 2 Other stuff.. WTFBBQ hand... I set monk and ended. During his turn he attacked the facedown monk with a T.G. Warwolf and ended. During my turn, I drew Thunderking Raioh, I attacked and ended. During his turn he set mystic shine ball and 2 S/T and ended. My turn, I draw solemn warning, attack the facedown ball, set the warning and ended. During his turn he summoned Venus, pay 500 I chained warning and ended. I draw another warning, attacked directly with raioh, set the warning and ended. During his turn, he monster reborn Venus pay another 500 and I chained warning again, he ends his turn after that. My turn I draw, trap stun ( so, where did all my magic went? My monk is still alive on the field ) , attacked directly, set the stun and ended. During his turn he summon his 2nd Venus, pay successfully and xyz into gantetsu, I negated it with raioh effect and he ended. My turn, I draw another raioh, I summon raioh, he bottomless and I trap stun it, he chain solemn judgment! And then I ended my turn. During his turn, he summon raioh, attack my monk with raioh and attack me directly with Venus. During my turn, I draw Inzecter Hornet, I summon Inzecter Damsel equip Hornet to it, destroy raioh and then special summon Inzecter Centibeet from deck equip Hornet from grave again, destroy Venus, search Inzecter Damsel from deck and direct attack for the game.

Game 3: He starts first set 1 card and ended, I ate dustshoot again and then my summoner monk got veilered and I died from there...

Match 2: Vs Stark, TGJunkdo - XOO
I rolled 1 for the die roll again

Game 1: He start the game with Card Gunner, mill 3 and ended. During my turn I summon my summoner monk discard magic for effect and ate Effect Veiler, and then I went downhill from there again~~~ Y does all my opponent have veiler?!

Game 2: I start the game first and summon my Summoner Monk again!!! Discard magic and no veiler - good! I special summon Armageddon Knight and send Inzecter Hornet into the grave, xyz into Lavalval Chain and activate the top decking effect, putting Inzecter Damsel on top. And from there I went uphill

Game 3: He starts first with Charge of the Light Brigade, milling Dandylion and Spore ._. And then searched out ryko, he then foolish burial bulb to grave, and then removed dandylion as a cost for spore, from there I was thinking with my crow in hand - if I let the librarian out and I crow the bulb, he can normal summon some junk or debris and earn more draw from there. If I crow the spore, he can at most formula and then librarian or stuff with only a draw. - And so I crowed his spore, he then summon Card Gunner, monster reborn bulb *FACEPALM* synchro into T.G. Hyper Librarian with 1 dandy token and then activates bulb effect and synchro into Formula Synchron and drew 2... And from there I struggle and struggle and I manage to get 3 dark in grave and top draw a Dark Armed Dragon and attack for a few turns. I was left with 800 lifepoints, I activate dark armed effect and he veilered, I summon Centibeet and he activates Bottomless Trap Hole to banish it. I end my turn without attacking the facedown monster, he then flip ryko, destroy dark armed, attack directly leaving me with 600 lifepoints left and set a monster and ended. He was left with 1600 lifepoints and I have no cards in hand. I draw into Inzecter Centibeet again, equip Inzecter Hornet from grave and attack ryko for the game! ( Hornet adds 500 attack )

Match 3: Vs Sherwyn, Jurrabbit - OXX
I rolled 1 again!!!! For my die roll
Game 1: I manage to destroy everything with damsel and Centibeet and win

Game 2: I got beaten down by normal monsters.

Game 3: He chain disappearance my Damsel and I was left with 1700, he had a sabersaurus on the field this I scooped.

Match 4: Vs Sam, Infernity - OXO
I finally rolled a non-1 but I still lose the dice roll.
Game 1: He set 4 S/T summon summoner monk discards magic and I veiler him... Finally got people meet the same ending, then during my turn I summon my summoner monk discard a magic and special summon Armageddon knight from deck sending Inzecter Hornet from deck to grave ( Infernity backrows aren't scary without Infernity on the field so I ignored him ) xyz into Lavalval Chain and he used Bottomless Trap Hole to banish it, but nevermind, my mission is accomplished. During his turn, he set the card that he drew and ended, my turn, I summon Inzecter Damsel equip Inzecter Hornet from grave and destroy an Infernity Barrier, I then special summon Inzecter Centibeet from deck with Inzecter Damsel effect and equip Inzecter hornet to destroy another trap, Infernity Break. I search Inzecter Damsel and add to hand using Inzecter Centibeet effect and ended. During his turn he scooped.

Game 2: I Heavy Storm him and he chained Transmigration Prophecy on my Inzecter Hornet and then I ate a Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Boundary and died.

Game 3: I summon Summoner Monk discard Pot of Duality and special summon Armageddon Knight with its effect, sending Inzecter Hornet into grave with Armageddon Knight's effect. I xyz into Lavalval Chain and top decked Inzecter Damsel using it's effect and ended. He summoner monk into chain and activate effect putting Infernity Archfiend to top deck and attack my chain, and then set everything and ended. Then during my turn I heavy storm him and it went through, I summon Inzecter Damsel equip Inzecter Hornet and then equip Inzecter Gigamantis from hand. I destroy Gigamantis using Hornet effect and trigger 2 chain of Damsel and 1 for Gigamantis, I special summoned out 2 Inzecter Centibeet from deck and Inzecter Hornet from grave using Gigamantis effect, I then xyz Hornet and Damsel into No.17 Leviathan Dragon, I send Hornet to grave boosting No.17's effect, then I equip Hornet to Centibeet A and destroy my own pot of duality. I search out Inzecter Gigaweevil and equip to Centibeet B, then I equip Hornet from grave and destroy Gigaweevil using Hornet effect and added Damsel from deck to hand as well as special summoning Gigamantis from grave using Gigaweevil effect. And I attack all directly for the game. 2500 + 1600 + 2400 + 1600 = 8100

But still I failed to go up to top 8... But nevermind 1st place is Xiao Mei, Inzecter and 3rd/4th have Darius, Inzecter too... Boosts the morale! XD


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