Tourney report 29/10/11

Deck used: TG Agent Angel

Game 1: Vs. ???, TGAA - OO
Match 1: Hyperion and gang
Match 2: Hyperion and soldier and gang.

Game 2: Vs. Vishal, WWBF - OXO
Match 1: Hyperion and gang again
Match 2: Got trishula-ed and then next turn he blizzard and I scooped.
Match 3: I start first and summoned earth set decree. He pot fetching solemn warning and then set blizzard, warning and Icarus, I opened decree during his end phase. During my turn I summon Venus pay for 2 shine ball, special summons TG warwolf, xyz ball and earth into Phoenix and then Hyperion removing earth, paid 500 for the last ball and then xyz into another Phoenix, then remove ball and destroy blizzard and xyz Venus and warwolf into leviair and then remove an overlay and special summon soldier from hand. He scooped after that.

Game 3: Vs. Wei An, Machina Gadget - XX
Match 1: I thought he was an offering gadget and then wasted a warning on a monster and then he gearframed and fortress I died
Match 2: My boss monsters all never appear and I draw my raioh after he used up all his gadget and gearframe.

Game 4: Vs. Johan, TGAA -??
We shared and I let him go up and fight

Conclusion: Died... Hmm tried agent also... Infernity too strong! Lol too bad I returned the deck...

And notice there's lesser agent winning in japan already?
Cos TG Gadget > Agent
But note 65 > TG Gadget
So u should have noticed japan's recent tourney already proven this theory, Shien "F" all the offerings...
And u noe y they are playing 65TG Agent now... It's not to troll lol...


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