Tourney report 26/10/11

Deck used: Infernity

Game 1: Vs. ???, Agent Angel - OXX
Match 1: I did a flood field with lavalbal chain and xyz gang.
Match 2: We traded blows with each other and then both bankrupt and he top drew hyperion
Match 3: same again I bankrupt after hyperion

Game 2: Bye, bye-bye deck - OXO
Match 1: I got a bye
Match 2: A bye is not good
Match 3: bye loses

Game 3: Stark, Scrap - OO
Match 1: lavalbal stack archfiend top deck
Match 2: lavalbal stack top deck and necromancer on the field and is able to pull demon. He only have 1 warning so he conceded.

Game 4: Sam, TG Hero - XX
Top draw dark hole and pro storm me

Game 5: Calvin, Hero beat -XX
He veilered my priest so I already no strength to play...

Conclusion: Died... Okie tried out infernity already


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