Tourney report 06/11/11

Deck used: Karakuri

Game 1: Vs. ???, Gravekeeper - OXX
Match 1: I synchro bureido and he bottomless me, then I synchro into burei and attacked him 3 turns
Match 2: He royal tribute me and I showed him a whole hand of magics, I dust tornado him and it was a mind crush and he mind crush declare komachi and I had it during that turn..... Wtffffffff?!
Match 3: I summon raioh, set dust, dark mirror and solemn judgment, he summon raioh atk my raioh and then try to book, I solemned, and then he ss sin stardust and I died 2 turns later becos I draw dust dust mst

Game 2: Vs. ???, Infernity - OO
Match 1: start with naturia and bureido, used 2 anatomy and earned 4 extra... Tremendous advantage...
Match 2: I sacrificed my draw effect for control so after I bureido, I synchro into landoise which killed him.

Game 3: Vs. ???, Junk doppel - XOX
Match 1: I start the game with warning x2 and instant fusion x2 and ard 6 turns no monster...
Match 2: dimensional fissure plus bureido everyturn change mode +1 extra card auto earn
Match 3: I was controlling at first, and then he Tori me and I died...

Lol... Died... Karakuri tried(?)... Maybe I shld try more since it looks quite potential to me... None dark deck is not my forte I think? Lol


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