T.G Recipro Dragonfly

Bulb in grave, summon junk synchron pulling bulb back and Jump doppel warrior, synchro TG hyper librarian special summon 2 doppel token, synchro token and bulb into formula draw 2, bulb effect mill and special summons back to the field, synchro into TG Recipro dragonfly and draw 1 with librarian effect. Send librarian to grave using dragonfly effect, returning junk and doppel back to the field, synchro into junk warrior, ur field now has 2 token, 1 junk warrior, 1 Recipro dragonfly and 1 formula.

Junk warrior attack is 2300 + 200 + 300 + 400 + 400 = 3600 :D
U can tori during opponent's turn and save either 2 tokens or dragonfly on the field during ur turn...

Today I synchro-ed formula, 4 star librarian, 4 star catastor (both -1 level due to level eater) and dragonfly into quasar, making quasar being able to attack 3 times with a total of 12000 damage :P

With junk doppel being able to quasar & easily do armory arm soldier, who said junk doppel can't play in this meta? Lolz

Note: Recipro Dragonfly can only return synchro monsters from grave that is used as a synchro material of a TG synchro monster. Thus, this combo is a failure! But then junk doppel still can be played. =D


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