Lol the Japanese did put dragonfly

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In OCG Recipro removes a TG sync and summons materials even if materials arent synchro, or so I believe.

Combo would be:

Junk > bulb > doppel

sync TG, sync formula, draw 2, bulb eff, sync recipro, draw 1, recipro eff, de Sync Librarian, re-sync librarian, 2 more tokens for more synchro shenanigans

or instead of re-syncing librarian, sync catastor and save librarian for future shenanigans and sync trishula on opp main phase


Erm sorry I think u misunderstood dragonfly's effect... Haha I also thought about that until I read the text of it carefully...

1. The synchro monsters dragonfly desynchroed are sent to graveyard instead of back to extra deck.
2. The synchro material that are returned back to field must be synchro monsters.


You would be able to synchro into Trishula though as you would have librarian, recipro, and formula, so you can always wait till next turn to remove their draw.


Actually it still works with Dragonfly.

1. Junk Synchron, Glow-Up Bulb and Dopple Warrior on field.
2. Sync into TG Librarian, Formula, draw 2 cards.
3. Sync into Dragonfly using Token + Glow-Up
4. Special Summon TG. Warwolf, Formula + Warwolf = TG Wonder Magician
5. Librarian+Wonder Magician + Dragonfly = Shooting Quasar

Anyways, Dragonfly is still a Level 2 Synchro so it works with Doppel Token + Glow-up

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I did say OCG eff, since that combo was posted in a OCG blog, lol

but you are right on the part about synchro monster being sent to grave though, my bad on that one


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