Tourney report 21/08/2011

Deck used: Tobi neesan quasar beat

Match 1: Vs. Wei An, 65 - XOX
Game 1: Hand of the six + double shien, skill enough
Game 2: Sorceror and then black rose and then trishula after 2-3 turns later
Game 3: Double shien, magatama, warning and d fissure. I summon breaker he magatama then when I see my top deck when I'm dead it was lyla... Lol I can do otk if I survive cos I got 2 puppet plant.

Match 2: Vs. Jonas Bai, Sin Geartown Valley - OO
Game 1: I did the usual formula librarian stuff and won
Game 2: He had a sin cyber end on the field with Geartown faceup. I had tori and formula in defense mode. He killed my formula because he was left with 2200 and I could brionac him and won. But then during my turn I summon lyla activate effect destroy Geartown which bring down sin cyber end together with it and then bulb into catastor with lyla. Attack with both and won.

Match 3: Vs. Vishal, Lightsworn - OO
Game 1: I am playing Trishula Card Game(TCG)
Game 2: He tried to otk me but failed and then I fought back.

Match 4: Vs. ???, 65 - OO
Game 1: Leviair Quasar beat
Game 2: Quasar beat

And so... I went up to top 8 with 3-1

Top 8: Vs. Yew Loong, GK - XOO
Game 1: I had a very good hand but I didn't noe he play GK and then bulb mills trunade... Interesting life
Game 2: Trishula with alot of dust
Game 3: He did 3 misplays and then I won after mst-ing his necrovally

Top 4: Vs. Danial, Junk doppel - OO
Game 1: I started with trooper and he Tori me with 0 back row, next turn I reborn his lonefire and did my stuns.
Game 2: Kycoo in the early game making him unable to sorcerer me. Then when he was left with 2200 I brionac and gambled and won.

Finals: Vs. Ballsnow, Agent Angel - 不战胜(won without playing)
He's going NS soon plus he was a judge so he gave the seat after some secret bribing.. Hehehe... Jkjk...

Conclusion: 1st. I am one of the top 16 for the showdown... I hope I can win the tix so that I can abandon team tournament... =P And as shown, as long as I dun play agent I have abit more chance to win... Lol


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