Tourney Report 12/02/11

Deck used: 65

Game 1: Vs. ???, WWBF - OXO
Match 1: Infinite Loop and won
Match 2: I got controlled all of the sudden, both players life point reached around 400-500 but in the end I failed to draw something to turn the table and died.
Match 3: Shien got puppet-ed I chain book, he summon monster i solemned it. He scooped.

Game 2: Vs. Qian Rui, 65 - XX
Luck sacking godlike luck... I dunno wat to say...

Game 3: Vs. Darren, WWBF - XOO I DODGED HALL OF SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!
Match 1: Got icarused and then controlled by it in later game.
Match 2: Shien and gang bully
Match 3: I'm left with 600 atk he reaper attacked me, I left 300, he left with 3500 I synchro-ed 2 shien and 1 kizan all out atk.

Game 4: Vs. Shaun(Chicken Noodle), GB - OO
Match 1: I start first, paste gate, summon kagemusha, ss kizan, search and ss kizan, ss grandmaster and search and ss kizan. Synchro balkion, set solemn. During his turn he dark hole me, I solemn-ed it, he scooped...
Match 2: He set a monster and ended. My hand was 1 trunade, 1 smoke signal, 1 kizan, 1 gate, 1 united...

Game 5: Vs. Sam, 65 - OO
He let me win since he is already 4 win

Top 8: Vs. Qian Rui, 65 - XOO
Match 1: he pasted gate and united, summon kizan set 3 ended. I paste 2 gate summon shinai, he bth and I died to loop next turn
Match 2: Balkion and Brionac + 1 gate 1 united, I synchro this 2 to prevent puppet plant...
Match 3: We exhausted each other out... But I am in extreme disadvantage. He got 1 hand 1 gate on the field, 8000 life. I got 1 kagemusha, 1 Mst face down on the field, 1000 life. I drew grandmaster and ended without doing anything, His turn he set and ended, my turn I DREW ANOTHER GRANDMASTER, and then ended. During his turn, he activated his facedown trap card which is Dust Tornado to destroy my mst, I chained to destroy his gate. Then he ended. My turn I TOP DREW MONSTER REBORN!!!!!!!!
I flip kagemusha, monster reborn his mizuho, ss grandmaster, all atk, synchro shien and ended. His turn he attempted to book me, I was thinking my shien is better to be face-down, thus i let him turn face-down without negating, then he activates united, summon shinai, drew one, set 1 and end his turn. My turn, I flip shien, he solemn judgement me! Then I summon my mizuho that I just drew, destroy the shinai by tributing grandmaster, ss my grandmaster and all out!

Top 4: Vs. Sam, 65 - ???
We both shared...

3rd/4th: Vs. Kenneth, Fabled Draw Whore - ???
He took the prize that he wanted and I took what I wanted. So we never fight.

Conclusion: 3rd =D Got a holo junk beserker as prize, Sam took a gold rare tori and alex took TG recipro dragonfly. We 3 shared the prize. =D Yeah! Finally my 8th tori!!!!!! After so long!!!


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