Tourney Report 16/02/11

Deck used: 65

Match 1: Vs. Shifu, Sporelord - OO
Game 1: Infinite Loop
Game 2: Shien flood control squad =D

Match 2: Vs. Yuan Yuan, WWBF - XOO
Game 1: He 7 tools my warning and do all out attack.
Game 2: Shien flood control squad again =D
Game 3: Mizuho flood field and attack.

Match 3: Vs. Jack, WWBF - OO
Game 1: Infinite Loop
Game 2: Shien Flood Contol Squad...

Match 4: Vs. Sunny, 65 - XOO
Game 1: Got controlled by warning
Game 2: Infinite loop
Game 3: 2 dojo and 2 gateway + smoke signal... Infinite loop + 2 shien

Top 8: Vs. Sunny, 65 - OXO
Game 1: At first he's at the upperhand. Kizan and kageki on the field, 1 gate, 1 warning and 1 solemn. My turn I open gate set shinai, set 1 double edge, 1 warning and 1 book... During his turn he summon kagemusha, i warning, he changed kageki to defense and ended, thinking that what I set was kagemusha. During my turn, I open another gate. Open smoke signal, search for mizuho, flip shinai, special summon mizuho, he warning my mizuho. I attempt to suicide with his kizan but he book me and ended. During his turn, he summoned kagemusha, i booked it while gaining 2 counters on each gate. Then he attacked my shinai and ended. Back to my turn, I remove 4 counters from gate, searched for mizuho, summons it, he solemned my mizuho, then I activate Double edge and he scooped.

Game 2: I got controlled by his shien flood control squad and died.
Game 3: My hand was kageki, kagemusha, gate, warning, double edge and kizan, I do shien, grandmaster and kizan + set the 2 traps and ended. During his turn, he activates smoke signal, I passed, not negating it, he searched for kagemusha. Summons kagemusha, I did mistake by warning it as what I am afraid is black rose instead of floods. Then he activate book targetting my shien, I negate, he activates monster reborn, targetting his kagemusha and then special summon kizan, LOL I was relief after see-ing kizan. He then synchro into brionac, bounce my gate and shien. Attack my kizan and ended. Leaving me 1 double edge and 1 grandmaster on the field. During my turn, I drew united, I paste both gate and united and use sword technique to synchro into shien, then did an infinite loop on him again!

Top 4: Vs. Jeff, Debris Dandy - ???
He's in a rush for another tourney so he let me win.

Finals: Vs. Shifu, Sporelord - ???
We shared the prize...

Conclusion: 1st/2nd We shared a playmat + some packs...


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