Tourney Report 08/02/11

Deck used: 65

Match 1: Vs. Xiao Bryan, Machina - OO
Game 1: He kept warning and bottomless till no life left... I direct and won
Game 2: Swarm field and won.

Match 2: Vs. Guan Ji, 65 - XOO
Game 1: Swarm field, shien, lose
Game 2: Infinite loop + monster reborn kagemusha synchro shien, win
Game 3: He is not aware about cunning being able to ss monsters higher/lower than the sent monster. Thus he lost.

Match 3: Vs. Jun Jie, Machina Gadget - XOX
Game 1: Died
Game 2: Swarm field and won
Game 3: Since I confirm go into top 4 thus I anyhow play.

Top 4: Vs. Alex, 65 Shared

Conclusion: Sam, Alex and I shared the top 3 prizes...


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