Tourney Report 01/02/11

Deck used: 65

Match 1: Vs. Bryan, Frog Monarch - OO
Game 1: Shien on first turn, 2nd turn i drew united and instantly turns into infinite loop.
Game 2: Landols control forced him to waste alot of cards and he died.

Match 2: Vs. Ballsnow Bryan, WWBF - XOO
Game 1: I already knew he had dark armed in hand... Yet i nv summon monster to protect my shien, thus died...
Game 2: Infinite loop
Game 3: Control him while he drew m/t hand.

Match 3: Vs. Ting Jun, Scrap - OO
Game 1: I tried to scam him by synchro-ing landols, then after that i cant kill the gorz , but in the end he cleared my landols so i can summon 1 mizuho and kill him...
Game 2: swarming

Match 4: Vs. Alex, 65 - OXO
Roll dice to settle... in the end i won

Top 8: Vs. Richard, WWBF - OXO
Game 1: Shien control him to death
Game 2: Going to time out soon, thus i scooped to proceed to next round
Game 3: Trishula and mizuho, he got reaper blocking the field, next turn he open whirlwind and summon kalut, i chain dust, and during my turn i draw smoke signal

Top 4: Vs Jeff, 65 - XOX
Game 1: He flood field and stopped me from flooding, i died
Game 2: I flood field and stopped him from flooding, he died
Game 3: my hand was kageki, gate,united, trunade, book, monster reborn, but i died two turns later to flooding and i see my top card was shinai...

3rd/4th: Vs. Sunny, 65 - OO
Game 1: Since i cant do infinite loop on jeff, i did it on him...
Game 2: He left 3000+ he synchro scar warrior to kill my grandmaster, my field had a gate 6 token, hand was a puppet plant and drew monster reborn...

Conclusion: 3rd... Got a holo shooting star in the end...
Standings for the day:
1st: Jeff (65)
2nd: Alex (65)
3rd: Me (65)
4th: Sunny (65)
5th: Jun Jie (Machina Gadget)
6th: Ballsnow (WWBF)
7th: Richard (WWBF)
8th: Ting Jun (Scrap)

See the problem in top 4? All are 65...


^ Six Sam I'm assuming.


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