Tourney Report 15/01/11

Deck used: Debris Dandy

Match 1: Vs. Zhi,Machina Fortress - XX
Game 1: limit break-ed
Game 2: after I cleared his oppression, he activates vanity space... and also, there is banisher of radiance on the field... gg

Match 2: Bye..

Match 3: Vs. Akira,WWBF - XX
Game 1: I was told veiler is unable to stop all monster from attack after sirocco focused and then died... (If u veiler sirocco while it uses its effect, only the targetted monster can attack, but there's no pumped attack...)
Game 2: Whirlwind is too strong

Match 4: Vs. Richard, 65 - OO
Game 1: Librarian draw whore
Game 2: Black rose-d twice till he got no hand... Then summon kinetic to poke him to death...

Match 5: Vs. Kenneth, 65 - OXO
Game 1: Librarian love
Game 2: Flood field
Game 3: I nid a single dark in my grave but, i kept drawing cards like trago, damudo, 2 sorceror!!!!!!! and finally my dark went to grave and won =D

Conclusion: Mantis put me at 11th place lolz... died.....


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