Tourney Report 27/11/10

Deck used: Six Sam

Match 1: Vs. Cliff, WWBF - OO
Game 1: I wanted to do the infinite attack loop but he stopped me, then next turn set 1 face down which is bottomless and he used it on my mizhuo... And then i summon and flooded my field.
Game 2: I synchro-ed out Shien and kept attacking him, plus whatever he summons ate solemn warning and solemn judgment.

Match 2: Vs. Yew Loong, D.D Deck - OO
Game 1: I pasted 2 united and 1 gateway with solemn judgment behind. I summoned mizuho, he said "wah dun let you draw too much!" and he activate mst on one of my united, then he died eating 5 billion bushido counter mizuho because i did the infinite attack loop.
Game 2: Shien and trishula poked him to death.

Match 3: Vs. Qi Lin, WWBF - XX
Game 1: Imbal hand, i died...
Game 2: Imbal hand, i died...

Match 4: Vs. Aim, Karakuri Machina - OO
Game 1: Shien attack + warning
Game 2: Double Shien

Match 5: Vs. Milton, Six Sam - XX
Game 1: He goes first and Pasted gateway, I died...
Game 2: I controlled well but, he mist wurm + 2 kizan 1 grandmaster... died...


Top 8: Vs. Qi Lin Again!, WWBF - OXO
Game 1: 2 Gate Rush!
Game 2: Died by getting locked by gozen
Game 3: Gate Rush again!

Top 4: Vs. Jun Qi, Debris Dandy - OO
Game 1: Shien + Tori
Game 2: Landoise + flooded field, i negated his tragodeia, and during his turn he tried to gamble with me whether i drew a magic, and he got negated. During the next turn he scooped.

Finals: Vs. Jin Hao, SporeLord - OO
Game 1: Shien + tori rush
Game 2: Shien and Mizuho rush + solemn judgment!

Conclusion: 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD All thx to baha, cos this build is formed by him... =D


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