Asia Plus 2010 Tourney Report

Team B.R.A.V.E
Team mates:
Leader: Kevin(Hero Beat)
Player 1: Shifu (Sporelord)
Player 2: Me (Clover BF)

34 teams total, single elimination...

Match 1: Vs. Team Arrogant - OXO
Kevin vs. Yong Jie(BF) - OXO
Shifu vs. Nian Jie(Frog Monarch) - XOX
Me vs. Yong Xiang(Sporelord) - OXO

Match 2: Vs. Team Lucksack - XOO
Kevin vs. Jeric(BF) - XOX
Shifu vs. Fireowners(X-Saber) - XOO
Me vs. William(Lightsworn) - OO

Match 3: Vs. Team ??? - OOO
Kevin vs. Joel(GB) - OO
Shifu vs. Kenneth(Frog Monarch) - OXO
Me vs. Yi Siang(X-Saber) - OO

Match 4: Vs. Team ??? - OXX
Kevin vs. Cassandra(BF) - OO
Shifu vs. Leon(Sporelord) - XX
Me vs. Guan Ji(Machina Gadget) - OXX

Match 5(Loser bracket fighting for the last place on top 8):
Vs. B.A.D - OXO
Kevin vs. Bing Jun(Sporelord) - XOO
Shifu vs. Alex(BF) - XOX
Me vs. Desmond(Frog Monarch) - OO

Top 8: Vs. 家里躺 - XOX
Kevin vs. Mog(QDW) - XX
Shifu vs. Ballsnow(BF) - OXO
Me vs. Brainy(Machina Gadget) - XOX

Conclusion: Top 8... disappointed with my mistakes when fighting brainy... Its shifu bday tat day and we nv get to give him the ticket as present... =(... We are the saddest team as we need to fight 1 more match than those who are at top 8... =.="


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