Tourney Report 30/07/10

Deck used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs. Jeff, WWBF - XOO
Game 1: He destroyed my starlight road and I got controlled.
Game 2: I got the same hand as 1st game, but this time the starlight road is unavoided.
Game 3: Sirocco FTW!

Match 2: Vs. Chuan Zhi, Machina - OXO
Game 1: Vayu-special summoned arms wing + dark armed
Game 2: I was left with 200 and struggling failed.
Game 3: I solemned his machina fortress and shura kept attacking and earning.

Match 3: Vs. Chard, Only Chard's Gun - OXO
we shared points so that both of us confirm go up.

Top 6: Vs. Chard, Only Chard's Gun - OO
Game 1: Set 5 cards and shura attacks.
Game 2: How does infernity kill 2 rai-oh + 1 trishula? Which is my field.

Top 3: Vs. Qian Rui - OXO
Game 1: I controlled him with dark illusion and dark armed.
Game 2: He was left with 800 but his hand was too awesome... till I got killed...
Game 3: I was left with 650, He had only 1 armor master on the field, I mind tricked him by setting icarus and made him think that the card i set was D.Prison, then he summon and another monster and i icarus-ed both. Then during my turn, i synchro brionac, special summon dark armed and activate brionac effect discard vayu to bounce my set card and special summon out Arms wing to do an all out attack.

Top 3: Vs. Sam - OXO
Game 1: Overwhelming backrow control till he lose. + Vayu attacking 6-7 times
Game 2: He made mistakes, i let him reverse and i lost...
Game 3: I sirocco focused him when he had 1 bora on the field, then i declare attack he chained icarus and i chained dark illusion on him and he took 3700 damage. Then next turn he set a card and ended, i drew to My body as a shield, i declare attack, he activates his newly set trap which is mirror force, i chained my body to negate it and he took 2000, then after a few turns of preventing him from summoning sirocco, he lost.

Conclusion: 1st. Holo Stardust Dragon as prize. Today's opponent are all stars ><" so imbal...


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