Trishula Tournament Tourney Report 31/07/10

Deck used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs.???, Whirlwind BF - OO
Game 1 & 2: Basically all abt trishula and siroccos

Match 2: Vs. John, Froggy Monarch - OO
Game 1: My body as a shield used on a sac 3 monster barbaros
Game 2: My body as a shield used on a dark dust spirit.

Match 3: Vs. Skye, Quickdraw Dandywarrior - OXO
Game 1: Damudo saves the day
Game 2: Damudo in hand but doesn't help much
Game 3: Damudo saves the day again!

Match 4: Vs. Jess, Machina Gadgets - OXX
Jess sux, true story.

Match 5: Vs. Caleb, WWBF - OO
Game 1: Sirocco, stardust, goyo + kalut in hand
Game 2: Damudo, stardust, blizzard, gale + icarus face down.

Top 16: Vs. Kaven, Lightsworn - OO
Game 1: Damudo saves the day
Game 2: Damudo saves the day again!!!!

Top 8: Vs. John, Froggy Monarch - OXO
Game 1: Sirocco focus love
Game 2: Died by drawing too much cracks.
Game 3: Sirocco + Arms wing love...

Top 4: Vs. Akira, WWBF - OXO
Game 1: Damudo and goyo busy saving the day!
Game 2: Lost by drawing dead cards.
Game 3: Goyo is too strong!

Final: Vs. Skye, Quickdraw Dandywarrior - OO
Game 1: Double arms wing trample on 2 dandy tokens.
Game 2: Shura destroyed 2 tokens then during the turn he concede, he drew caius... with no monster on the field already...

Conclusion: 1st!!!!!!!! 2 days in a week! XD... Got a TRISHULA again! 5th trishula!


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