Tourney Report 25/07/10

Deck Used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs. Bye, Bye Bye Deck - OXO

Match 2: Vs. Aaron, Supreme AKB - XOO
I forgot how i won or lost during the 1st 2 games.
Game 3: I summon shura, he bottomless-ed me. Then I special summon dark armed and destroy a face-down snowman eater, he chained book of moon on my dark armed, then i activate vayu's effect and special summon an arms wing and attack his Elefun and he dimension prison-ed it. Then i ended my turn. During his turn, he set a card and ended. My turn i flip dark armed and attack elefun and destroyed it, set my mind crush and ended, during his turn he set 1 card and ended, during my turn, i drew my body, and attack with dark armed, he used mirror force and i chained My body as a shield on it and direct attacked him. During his turn, he drew to 1 card in hand, Activates trap stun and I chained Mind crush Declaring Rescue Cat. And he conceded.

Match 3: Vs. Egoboy, Supreme AKB - OXO
Game 1: Damudo saves the day!!~~
Game 2: I got cold wave-ed and rammed to death
Game 3: Damudo saves the day again!!!!!!~~

Top 8: Vs. Sam, WWBF - ???
I let him go up.

5th - 8th Vs. DSummon, Karakuri Machina XOO/OO
We had a dice roll to decide who win since we had not much mood to play. For dice roll i lost the first round and won the rest. Then during later at night, we decided to have a match since he doesn't admit the loss.
Game 1: He creature swapped my face down kalut to him and gave me a karakuri soldier and attacked it. and searched another solder to direct attack me. Then during my turn i top drew shura and attacked him and then search for vayu and set icarus. Then he was forced to attack me, i icarus him. during my turn, i summon blizzard, took back kalut and activated vayu effect, special summoning Arms wing. and attacked him for 5400 damage and synchro-ed trishula and ended. During his turn he special summon fortress to attack me but instead ate a dimension prison and scooped.

Game 2: He summon holy light and ended. During my turn, i special summon cyber and attack holy light for 2100 damage and synchro-ed stardust and set a card. during his turn he special summon fortress and suicide with stardust and destroyed my MST, then he set a monster and ended. During my turn i drew sirocco and then summon sirocco and special summon bora and declared a focus trample attack. It destroyed a soldier and he searched out warrior, during his turn he summoned birdman and i chained book of moon on his birdman. He then special summon a fortress and then destroyed both my monsters. During my turn, i special summon another cyber and contact fused Chimeratech Fortress Dragon and attack birdman. The next turn he drew cyber and special summons it in defense mode since my Fortress is 3k attack. I destroy cyber and ended. During his turn he scooped.

5th-6th: Vs. Anthony, Giga Bamboo Vise - OO
Roll dice and won the dice roll

Conclusion: 5th... Shared with sam plus i get a goyo =D


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