Trishula Tournament Tourney Report 11/06/10

Deck used: 3-Leaf Clover

Game 1: Vs. Wee Ann, GB - OXO
Match 1: Trunade + whirlwind + blizzard and mind control...
Match 2: I conceded a few turns later after he summons holy light.
Match 3: I icarus + brain control his holy light thrice and after that controls and win the game.

Game 2: Vs. Yong Jie, Machina - OO
Match 1: We both had a bad hand and I decided to launch an attack after like around 8-9 turns and controls him with stardust dragon. He conceded after clearing my board as stardust is coming back during end phase and he's left with 1300
Match 2: I did a dark armed atk mode, stardust defense mode, breeze and 1 icarus behind, anti machina combo and he conceded after i icarus-ed him.

Game 3: Vs. Aaron, BF - ???
We decided to let each other since we both confirm go up.

Top 16: Vs. Aaron, BF - XX
Match 1: I died due to bad hand.
Match 2: My sirocco controlled him till he's left with 2900, he top draw blizzard, synchro goyo and atk my sirocco, then during my turn i drew shura, set it and end my turn. He top drew shura and I scooped...

Conclusion: Top 16... Counted as Removed from game ba.... lolz....


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