Tourney Report 13/06/10

Deck used: Wanted to use infernity... But heed someone's advise =D Play Clover BF

Thx to Xiao An who trained froggy monarch with me on thursday... I trained that deck from ard 3.00p.m to 7/8.00p.m lolz

Match 1: Vs. Baha, Froggy Monarch XOO
Game 1: I got controlled by Aoi and lose the game...
Game 2: Ram with all the cards I have.
Game 3: I did a focus trample atk with 2 bora and 1 sirocco. And few turns later he died.

In the end, I let him go up since I felt that I got more advantage in fighting the next 2 rounds.

Match 2: Vs. Akira, Froggy Monarch OXO
Game 1: 2 armor master kept attacking and won.
Game 2: 3 LADD killed me
Game 3: 4 times activation of vayu effect negated by LADD then summon sirocco search for bora and activate vayu effect again to special summon Silverwind the Ascendant and focus attack.

Match 3: Vs. Hong Rui, BF OXO
Game 1: I forgot how I won...
Game 2: I forgot how I lost oso... lolz paisei...
Game 3: I shura direct atk, then he sirocco focused me, then next turn i trunade him and brain control him summon blizzard took back shura and declared a focus and atked him. Then, after that synchro armor master and end my turn. He draw shura atked my shura and searched for gale and synchro-ed blackrose, then my turn i heavy storm him and summon a monster and he lost.

Top 16: Vs. Xing Lai, GB - XX
i got controlled somehow and lose to starlight road oso... dun wan say so much le... lol... He good hand i bad hand... no choice...

Conclusion: Top 16... Removed from game again.............


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