Trishula Tournament Tourney Report 05/06/10

Deck Used: 3-Leaf Clover BF

Match 1: Vs. Zack, BF - OXO
Nth special. Haha... So i will skip this.

Match 2: Vs. ???, GB - XOX
I got controlled on the first match and i rushed him on the second match, third match i left 4k and i icarus him, still thinking of wanting to destroy 1 of my cards anot he suddenly open starlight road. Then I let him win lorz... World's i wont give chance... hahaz

Match 3: Vs. Cheng Zhi, Machina Gadget - OXO
I left 800 on the first round with armor master and next turn i brionac him... Second match he killed me when i drew all magic traps. match 3 i did a brionac, armor master + vayu ss arms wing all ram...

Top 4: Vs. Jonas - XOX
First match he start set a card and ended, then i summon shura attack him he took and summon sirocco declare a focus and attack me back. Then during my turn i sirocco focus him then he summon sirocco focus back me during his turn. Then i draw gale to half his sirocco and destroyed it, HE NEXT TURN SIROCCO BACK ME!!!!!!! zzz.... Then died next turn... 2nd match i rushed him and 3rd match sirocco destroyed me again...

Conclusion: 3rd/4th Place... haiz...


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