Trishula Tournament Tourney Report 04/06/10

Deck used: 3-Leaf Clover BF (WOW I NOW GOT A NICKNAME... NON-PROMO GANGSTER o.0)

Match 1: Vs. ???, spellcaster structure deck - OO
dun nid to say much since that guy just started or smth...

Match 2: Vs. ZH, Machina Gadget - XOX
I made some mistake and died the first round. Second round i control him with stardust and third round he blocks me with consecrated light. I was too friendly on side deck towards him tats y i lost lolz... i decided that i will side maximum hatred if i meet consecrated light again.

Match 3: Vs. Wee Ann, GB - OO
I'm not afraid of GB seriously cos its hard to balance for GB currently. So its an easy fight for me.

Top 16: Vs. Egoboy, Hero Beat - OO
He try to fuse cyber twin using future fusion so i synchro-ed 2 armor master + trap dustshoot waiting for him. Second match he tries to holy light me thus, i used fissure and control him back.

Top 8: Vs. Caleb, BF XOX
BAD HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anti-infernities hand appeared while fighting him no once, no twice BUT THRICE!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZ... I managed to win through tricking him by summoning kalut.... zzz

Bottom 4(5th - 8th) Vs.???, BF OXO
I forgot how I win but I remember that I suddenly got killed during 2nd game... zzz

Top 6: Vs.ZH, Machina Gadget OXO
I won him by using fissure on holy light, system down on his whole machina family, and lastly DDV all his gadgets...

Conclusion: 5th Place... zzz... Y must it bad hand at that stage hahaz... in the end, i got a mind control ultra as prize...


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