how can we compare to japan lolz...

This is their top 5 KONAMI ranking in tourney:

1 65勝0負 100% 0000164039 レオパルド 佐賀県
1 61勝0負 100% 0002080771 水樹奈々 神奈川県
1 53勝0負 100% 0000101261 次元帝 福岡県
1 51勝0負 100% 0002483921 くましょー 熊本県
1 50勝0負 100% 0000192082 紀柳 山口県

WTF IS Leopard-san's 65 WIN 0 LOSE?!!! So imbal! And the win i heard is best 2 out of 3 consider as 1 win lolz... And their ranking till 63th is all win one so all tie as 1st place... and they calculate ranking by percentage on so even if u got 100 win 1 lose u will be 99.9% or smth and will be at somewhere down to the bottom lolz... Osamu Yanagi in 5th place for 50 win =D So can see "Only my infernity gun" is quite imbal oso wor...


That is damn awesome sia, that means we must do our best to no longer Scrub!!!!!!!!! =D


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