Trishula Tournament Tourney Report 19/06/10

Deck used: Froggy Monarch

Match 1: Vs.Richard, Infernity - OXX
Game 1: I made the wall and forced him to solemn my caius when he have less than 1k life left. Then my raiza made a direct attack.
Game 2: Lightning vortex + beetle rush
Game 3: He breaked my wall of frogs using brionac thus i lose.

Match 2: Vs.Jerick - OXO
Game 1: I made the wall and kept cauis-ing and raiza-ing him to death.
Game 2: He side oppression with me... I was stunned thus I lost. Cos this deck doesnt afraid of oppression but juz nice the rarest timing hits... LOL
Game 3: Frog wall + caius,raiza combo meal

Match 3: Vs.Aaron - OO
Game 1: Frog wall + Caius
Game 2: Swap frog direct attacked him 3 times, then he trunade me and i dust away his oppression. Then when i summon my swap frog the 4th time he solemned me and was left with 2100 then he drew shura, summon shura and have its whirlwind activated, search for kalut, then my turn my treeborn comes back and then caius and direct attacked him.

Top 8: Vs. Richard, Infernity - OO
hehehehehe... My revenge!
Game 1: Great wall of frogs and some caius.
Game 2: his field was, grepher, archfiend, death dragon, stardust, and necromancer. My field was vanity fiend, prime material dragon, substitoad and 2 dupe frog. We stalled till i drew enemy controller and then I activate enemy control tributing substitoad and took infernity death dragon, launch an all-out attack destroying everything except his grepher. Then main phase 2 I tribute the death dragon for my 2nd prime material and after a few turns of locking and attacking he lost.

Top 4: Vs. ???, BF - OO
Game 1: Frog wall + caius again.
Game 2: He started the game with wanghu, and ended his turn. I set a card and ended. Then he summoned kycoo and change his wanghu to defense mode, and attacked me. Then my turn i drew ronintoadin, set it and ended my turn, during his turn he used kycoo to attack me, and reflected 200 damage back to him. Then my turn I draw, COLD WAVE, I activate it and tribute my ronintoadin for Caius and RFG Kycoo which dealt 1000 damage to him. And attack his wanghu then after a few turns of controlling he lost.

Top 2: Vs.Baha, Machina Gadgets - ???
I decided to let him get his trishula since he is the only member of "For the sake of trishula, We cheat to win" team who didnt win his trishula. LOL! And I wanna get 2nd placing =D

Conclusion: 2nd! =D too bad I cant join the secret one today. LOL after tourney we ate frog porridge somemore!...


Can you please post the decklist for your Frog Monarch?

Thanks a lot:)


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