Trishula Tournament 28/05/10 Tourney Report~

Deck used: 3-leaf clover BF

Match 1: Vs. Yong Jie-BF,OXO
Game 1: I sirocco focused him and he focused back and then second sirocco killed him.
Game 2: He rushed me in 1 turn.
Game 3: I was on the losing side, then suddenly it reversed as i synchro-ed Stardust dragon. And i trap dustshoot him and saw... zzz. sirocco, vayu, brain control, book of moon and 2 more traps which i forgot... Tat time i was left with 2300 life point. He set his cards and ended his turn. Then my turn i use vayu to call out silverwind and atk him, he book of moon it and take damage from the other making him unable to brain control and then i won.

Match 2: Vs. Ming Yeow - GB, OO
Game 1: I was left with 800 then i summon blizzard, took back shura, synchro brionac bounce stardust using vayu and then special summon silverwind using vayu's effect and attacked laquari and equeste. Then few turns later he was unable to clear the table and lost.
Game 2: He set a monster and 2 M/T and ended his turn, I heavy storm him, summon sirocco and special summon bora declare a focus and trampled a retiari, then set dust tornado and ended my turn. Then after a few turn of controlling he conceded.

Top 24: Vs. Leon(omgwtf) - BF, OXO
Game 1: Some sirocco love again.
Game 2: He set 2 M/T and summon a shura and ended his turn. I summon bora, atk him he asked me for priority. Then i chained book of moon on him before damage step and he took the trample damage. Then i set icarus and dust tornado and ended my turn. During his turn, he activate one of his facedown magic trap which is giant trunade, i was afraid of sirocco otk thus i activated icarus and he chained starlight road........ Then he summon blizzard took back shura, special summon bora and then synchro goyo using shura. Then did an all-out attack and discard kalut when bora attack and i lost.
Game 3: I forgot how i won... must be some DAD love...

Top 12: Vs. ??? - BF, OO
Game 1: Damudo Saves the Day.
Game 2: 2nd turn i damudo and cleared his monster. Then during his turn he's left with 2800, he suicide using vayu and jump his own damudo and destroyed mine. Then i drew pot of greediosity. activated it and revealed, shura, bora,gale... I took shura which i regretted as i should take gale instead. Then i activated mind control on his damudo and he conceded. Damudo saves the day again!

Top 6: Vs. Cassandra - BF, OXO
Game 1: I was on the losing side as she brain controlled my armor master and special summoned 2 bora, then she attacked me with the first bora, i call of the haunted a shura back and she failed to otk me. Then my turn i brain controlled her bora and special summon gale and halve her bora's attack and, armor master launch an attack on bora. Then after that i synchro another armor master and ended my turn. Then i drew solemn set it and ended my turn, then she set a monster and a facedown card and ended her turn. during my turn she icarus-ed me when i declared attack and i chained solemn and she conceded.
Game 2: I got killed by 1 sirocco!
Game 3: My hand was blizzard,sirocco,dark armed, bora ,bora and i drew pot. I activated it and took back heavy storm. Then i ended my turn. She set a card and ended. Then i drew shura, i summon shura and atk her and she took the damage. making her life point dropped to 6200, then i ended my turn. Then she summon sirocco as i planned and focused attack me. Then during my turn i activated heavy storm. summon blizzard, took back shura, special summon 2 bora, synchro summon brionac, bounce sirocoo by discarding sirocco, announces 3 dark and special summon dark armed and launch an all-out attack and she conceded. Damudo saved me the 3rd time in 1 day!

Swiss format on top 3.

Top 3: Vs. Yi Jie, Cat Synchro - XOO
Game 1: I lose out alot and lost.
Game 2: Damudo appeared and saves the day.
Game 3: He set a monster and a M/T and ended. I summon shura, attacked his monster, sea koala was sent to graveyard, i special summon breeze and attacked him. His life was dropped to 6900, then i synchro into armor master, set DDV and oppression and ended my turn. During his turn, he activated giant trunade, I chained DDV to it and destroyed a summoner monk and during my turn i special summon Damudo and summon blizzard took back shura, special summon bora from hand and synchro goyo using shura and attack all and won. Seriously, I love my damudo!!!

Top 3: Vs. Yi Jie(Jeryl), Machina Gadget - OXO
Game 1: I synchro armor master and next turn top decked dark arm and he conceded... DAMUDO is in raged mode?!!
Game 2: Holy light destroyed me.
Game 3: System down destroyed him and he lost.

Conclusion: 1st!!!! My 3rd Trishula won in a tourney!!! Damudo is strong!!! XD... Got ppl say i looked angry actually is not la... I was too nervous and also disappointed with myself for doing some mistakes... lolz...


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